OSBES shader (MCPE) support

I noticed a new YouTube video pop up recently that showcased Vanillaccurate on MCPE using the OSBES shader.

This video, from YouTuber CravenTuber, already garnered a lot of views and consequently increased traffic on this page. I’m not going to complain 😉

Thing is, CravenTuber used a converted Vanillaccurate pack that’s not public. I knew about OSBES for a while so I think now would be a good time to bring official support for Vanillaccurate on MCPE (Realaccurate and ToonAccurate could come at some point too of course!)

So we’ve got the following editions for Vanillaccurate: Java Edition, Bedrock Edition with RTX/DXR raytracing (Windows 10, Xbox X, PS5) and now we’re about to have MCPE with OSBES shader so people playing on Android phones (and possibly other editions) will also be able to enjoy Vanillaccurate!

Check out these screenshots from my WIP version. I hope to bring a somewhat fuctional versino to you guys in the coming days, still have some small issues to iron out.

Pretty exciting right?

Stay tuned for more news very soon. I plan to release all versions with the v1.8.0 VA release (so Java, Bedrock RT, MCPE).

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