Here are some screenshots showcasing my various projects (Vanillaccurate, Vanillaccurate RTX, Realaccurate, …)
I’ll update this page often, showcasing different shaders.

(Header shot was done with SEUS Renewed)

For videos, check out this page

Vanillaccurate (Java Edition)

BSL Shader

Continuum (1.3 / 2.0.2-4 / 2.1 Alpha/RT)

Kappa Shader

Spectrum shader

SEUS (Renewed & PTGI)

Chronos Path Tracer

Molly Shader

Raspberry Shader

Miscellaneous shaders

Vanillaccurate Bedrock edition with RTX/DXR support

Vanillaccurate MCPE edition with OSBES shader


BSL shader


Continuum 2.1



Miscellaneous shaders

11 thoughts on “Gallery

    1. It’s planned, there are already some 1.17 blocks in the Vanillaccurate v1.7.0 release. But as any PBR texture pack requires shaders to shine, we’ll have to wait for Optifine to be ready for 1.17, which won’t happen anytime soon (not before 1.17 officially releases anyways)


    1. What bugs are you referring to? You should make sure you’re using latest ptgi with latest Optifine for the version you’re using. Moreover the entities are a bit broken since 1.15 as well as particles. You also have much more ghosting with PTGI HRR and entities but that’s expected.
      As for Vanillaccurate specifically there shouldn’t be any major bug that I know of, but if you found something don’t hesitate to report, just give me as much detail as possible.
      You mentioned items, armors and weapons, but you should know those haven’t been designed yet and the few ones that are ready are available in a separate package (for memory concerns mostly), called the “items-mobs addon” that you’ll find here
      A new version should come soon (for the full package as well as items addon).


      1. Oh, ok, I am sorry. I didn;t know it! I saw the screenshots of chainmale and iron armors and I

        thought they were released


  1. Also, I have one bug to report, I am pretty sure you know it but conduits are broken with seus shaders and i think bsl too!


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