Here are some videos from fellow youtubers that showcase Vanillaccurate and Realaccurate

FernFox did a superb Realaccurate showcase in this video

AsianHalfSquat destroys his 3090 with Vanillaccurate 🙂
A superb presentation of Vanillaccurate from AsianHalfSquat, showing it off with Continuum 2.1!
AsianHalfSquat presents 10 great packs, including Vanillaccurate

A glorious and popular video by Youtuber SB737 using Vanillaccurate

An impressive video from LAZZA showcasing Vanillaccurate on MCPE with the YSSBE shaderpack!

A new very cool video from Digital Dreams presenting Vanillaccurate with Continuum 2.1.

Another video from Digital Dreams that showcases various shaders while using Vanillaccurate.

A really cute video from the gorgeous BSLex shader (BSL edit) from LexBoost himself, using Vanillaccurate!

Another superb introduction to Vanillaccurate by Youtuber 1Tech, using SEUS Renewed shader…
… and a second Vanillaccurate one using Chocapic shader.
And here’s a third one from 1Tech that showcases Vanillaccurate for Bedrock RTX edition!

Another great Vanillaccurate showcase from Nazox, with Continuum 2.0 shader

Another cute video featuring close-ups and Vanilla/Vanillaccurate comparisons with POM, by JustDIAMONDS.

OMGCraft plays with Vanillaccurate in this super cool video

Another very nice video from ShortNameAlex using various shaders and Vanillaccurate 256x

A very cool feature video with Vanillaccurate and PTGI12 from CraftStones

This video features the MCPE edition of Vanillaccurate using
the OSBES shader on mobile!

Another pretty cool video of the Vanillaccurate OSBES pack

Here are my own videos about Vanillaccurate and Realaccurate

Official Vanillaccurate trailer

Vanillaccurate version 1.8.0 teaser

Teaser for the Vanillaccurate pack on MCPE with GLSLPE shader from GFPCoder

Vanillaccurate v1.5.0 teaser

Realaccurate trees showcase

Vanillaccurate 16x teaser

Vanillaccurate for Bedrock RTX official trailer

Vanillaccurate, Nether update showcase

Realaccurate new spruce leaves teaser

Vanillaccurate test with PTGI HRR

…and a small video showcasing a WIP version of ToonAccurate‘s creeper.