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Here are links to my various packs. Also make sure to read the notes at the bottom of the page.

Patreon exclusives (PiXXL Accurate, full Realaccurate up to 2K, full ToonAccurate up to 512x, Realaccurate and ToonAccurate Bedrock RTX and MCPE packs, and lots of early-access perks) can be found here.

JAVA EDITION : Make sure to read this guide if you want to use MC with VERSIONS 1.16+. STARTING FROM 1.16 MC has higher memory requirements so you may encounter crashes.


JAVA : You’ll find guides to choose the right PBR versions and how to configure various shaderpacks here.

BEDROCK/MCPE : you’ll find installation instructions and other FAQ’s here.

Main packs

Java edition packs

Bedrock edition Win10 packs



Vanillaccurate items&mobs add-on

Weapons, armors, shields and various items, as well as mobs are available as an add-on to the base Vanillaccurate packs.

HardTop Vanillaccurate items-mobs add-on

Biomes’o’Plenty add-on

This add-on brings the Vanillaccurate style to the new blocks the Biomes’o’Plenty mod offers.

HardTop Vanillaccurate BoP add-on

CTM add-on

This is an add-on that brings connected glass (and later bookshelves, sandstone, quartz, …) to Vanillaccurate. It’s available in various resolutions to match the main pack’s.

HardTop Vanillaccurate CTM add-on for glass

Glass fix

This is an add-on you put on top of your Vanillaccurate pack (either LabPBR or OldPBR, if you use the Linear add-on this ones goes on top of it). It fixes issues with high smoothness on the glass blocks (causing black or opaque glass) and some shader packs like Continuum 1.3 and 2.0.x or SEUS v11.

16x 64x 128x256x 512x

– When a pack is indicated as “add-on”, it means you have to put in on top of a complete pack (a full pack is still required).

i.e. glass fix add-on, CTM add-on, 3D Models add-on
– Otherwise you can consider the pack as a full pack.
i.e. regular release packs, OldPBR packs.