Poll: VA sea lantern

I’ve noticed some of you thought the new sea lantern looked a bit too stylized for Vanillaccurate. I don’t want to change it without getting more formal feedback so I decided to set up a poll.

Could you please vote here to indicate which design you think I should keep for the VA sea lantern in version v1.8.0 ?

Just so you know, whatever happens to the current design I intend to take inspiration from it for Realaccurate and/or ToonAccurate.

In the meantime, I thank you for your feedback! I’ll keep this poll up for one or two days then based on what emerges we’ll see if more changes are needed (or more suggestions) or if I have enough to go on for the release.

If you want to test those packs in-game, here are three add-on packs with the lantern designs. Just put them on top of your complete Vanillaccurate pack to override your current lantern.

current v1.8.0 sea lantern

new design type A

new design type B

new design type C

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