Looking for a high-res, complete and accurate experience for Minecraft Java and Bedrock? Look no further! These packs can dramatically improve your Minecraft gameplay and builds!

Vanillaccurate is a vanilla-styled resource pack that uses (very) high-res details while retaining the original 16×16 looks. It uses photographic textures (most home-made) and some procedural elements to give the best appearance with high-end shaders.
It’s also PBR compliant and fully supports the LabPBR standard with all its features (normals, heightmap/POM, ambient occlusion, smoothness, reflectance, subsurface scattering, porosity, emissiveness) which means -when used with an appropriate shader- the materials will look exactly as they do in real-life, using accurate representations of real-life light parameters.

Vanillaccurate RTX is a port of the Vanillaccurate pack to the latest BEDROCK edition that now supports RTX/DXR hardware ray-tracing!

Vanillaccurate for MCPE is the pocket edition version of the Vanillaccurate pack. There are releases for multiple well-known MCPE shaders such as OSBES, YSS, GLSLPE, NORI, …

Realaccurate is a kind of sister-pack that foregoes the “pixelated” look while retaining the vanilla aspect. All vanilla builds should remain consistent with this pack. It’s also fully PBR and support resolutions up to 2K! BEDROCK and MCPE versions are also available.

ToonAccurate is my latest texture project that -as the name implies- aims for a cartoony, stylized rendering. As the other projects it’s also packed with features. Also with BEDROCK and MCPE versions !

Original Minecraft vs. Vanillaccurate 512x and PTGI HRR Test 2

About me

Let me briefly introduce myself.
I’m a software engineer and computer nerd at heart, always have been.
I started at a very young age: I got an Atari console when I was 3/4 years old or thereabouts, and my first computer at 6, a Commodore 64.
I’ve always been very interested in technology and computers so naturally I wanted to have a carreer in that field. I studied computer science in undergrad college (we call “hautes écoles” here in Belgium, which issue bachelor’s degrees).
I’ve worked around 15 years in the broadcasting industry as a software engineer, but I recently lost my job. It turns out I have a genetic condition which was somewhat manageable at first but worsened over time. I’m now partly disabled and have to rely on social security/welfare to afford living and treatments. Those can be expensive because experimental so I wanted to find a additional source of income doing something I loved. And here we are!


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