HardTop Vanillaccurate OSBES 64x v1.8.0

There is a new version available –>
FOR OSBES 0.14.0/0.13.1 WITH MINECRAFT 1.17 click here.


Finally! The first release for MCPE ever! This pack is meant to be used on top of a OSBES 64x shader + resources install. The release on the github is only 16x so you might want to check the Discord server for the 64x pack. In the meantime you can find the current 64x version here below as well (I got permission from the guys at OSBES).

Check out their GitHub for more information!

Now this version is the first one ever so it’s probably not entirely bug free. Don’t hesitate to let let know if you encounter issues! I’ll support this edition as much as possible.
For the time being there are few features (basic PBR only, normalmapping without POM, hardcoded emissives, no entities…) but more features might come down the road on OSBES’ end. When this happens I’ll update the pack to make use of those new features!

Here are some screenshots in the meantime. Downloads below.


Texture pack : HardTop Vanillaccurate OSBES 64x v1.8.0.mcpack

Shader pack : OSBES shader with 64x resources

Installation instructions

First install the OSBES shader (with default resources) by clicking/launching the mcpack file and launching it with Minecraft. When you see the “import successful” message exit the game.

Next do the same with the Vanillaccurate mcpack file.

Now go to the options, select global resources and activate OSBES and Vanillaccurate. Vanillaccurate should be on top.

Create a new world, and in the world properties activate both resourcepacks the same way.

If you already had OSBES installed and/or Vanillaccurate, you might want to remove them before reinstalling.

To do so, open the options panel and select “storage”. Delete both resourcepacks then reinstall them as stated before. Edit the world you want to use to set the newly installed packs.

In some cases I had to delete my worlds from the storage menu as well. It should not be required though, I will use new UUID’s for the next Vanillaccurate versions.

Please note you need the same OSBES pack resolution as the Vanillaccurate pack you’re using. This means that you should use the 64x OSBES with the 64x Vanillaccurate. I provided that shaderpack here because the only version publicly shared is the 16x, maybe the OSBES team will release all versions in the future. In the meantime I’ll try sharing the relevant versions alongside the Vanillaccurate texture packs.

15 thoughts on “HardTop Vanillaccurate OSBES 64x v1.8.0

    1. hey! glad you enjoy this pack! I haven’t added items yet so the issue might lie with OSBES default textures. Do you experience the same issue when loading OSBES alone without Vanillaccurate activated?


      1. I tried OSBES only, and Icons still have bug. Then I switch Vanilla Accurate only, the bug really bad icons still have the same problem and it generates into every block. And for addition, i think the lighting need to be fixed. Wait for the next update, thanks.


      1. I think they don’t work with the current version, you have to use either beta or wait for 1.17.10
        But as it’s shader related you should ask the shader dev – discord link on the GitHub


    1. yes that’s expected, you have the same issue with OSBES even when not using Vanillaccurate. I’ll check with the OSBES guys and see if a fix is possible in the future.


  1. Hi, it looks pretty cool, although I have issues as well, I tried both, the shader and texture pack separately and together, but the textures don’t look as it should be. I’m using 1.16.40 on Android if that helps. With the shader most blocks look fine but the are some with random textures, like terracotta with the bricks texture and with the texture pack pretty much everything looks with a different texture.


    1. What problem do yo have exactly?
      Remember you should always use BOTH packs at the same time, with the OSBES in second position. If you don’t do that the shader won’t be able to use Vanillaccurate.
      If you have issues with the inventory items, it’s a known bug with OSBES. We just have to wait for them to update the shaderpack.


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