HardTop Vanillaccurate OSBES 64x-128x v1.8.1

As promised, here’s the 128x version of the Open-Source Bedrock Edition Shader (OSBES for short) Vanillaccurate pack at 128x. Those also support MC 1.17! Vanillaccurate 1.8.x is still missing a couple 1.17 blocks which are actively being designed. You can expect a full (at least block-wise) 1.17 Vanillaccurate support in the coming couple of weeks […]

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Dev news : dripleaves

Those look kinda like large lilypads, which prompted me to redesign water lilies. I digress. I can’t really show off those right now, I don’t even know if they’re available in the latest optifine-powered 1.17 snapshot. I managed to pull together a quick render preview of the large dripleaf structure, so here it is. I’ll […]

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Dev news : cave vines

I managed to display those vines in-game, here are some nice screenshots of those new blocks that provide light as well as sustenance. The previous in-game shot I shared was tinted and using the regular vine model. As it turns out the original vanilla model for such blocks is supposed to be a hanging “cross” […]

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Dev news : more 1.17

Several blocks were added and some were fixed today. First of all, here’s the fixed rooted dirt block that was lacking lots of details in yesterday’s screenshots. being neck-deep in it I don’t always take a step back and notice something’s amiss 😉 Next up is the dripstone block. I used a similar approach to […]

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Dev news : more deepslate

I added the remaining deepslate stuff to Vanillaccurate, including all ores, tiled variants, chiseled, bricks… I also added the moss block, all candles, and rooted dirt. Deepslate ores I added the remaining ores to the deepslate variant: emerald, lapis, copper. Deepslate tiles and bricks Deepslate also has tiles besides the cobbled variant. Those look like […]

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Dev news : more misc improvements

I worked on prismarine blocks today. I wanted to have more details on the albedo/colormap, remove some baked-in AO and improve the external texture AO map. I also added some more fine detail in the material. Grass and tall grass have had some adjustments too, I made grass blades a tad larger and scarcer. I […]

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Dev news : various improvements

I improved the lapis block and ore to be a bit more like Realaccurate. It kinda looks much more detailed and closer to lapis lazuli I also wanted to redo cobblestone a bit. I wasn’t super fond of the roundness I added to the boulders, so I decided to tone that down a bit. This […]

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