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Hey all, this is HardTop with HARDTOPnet. Let me briefly introduce myself.I’m a software engineer and computer nerd at heart, always have been. II’ve always been very interested in technology and computers so naturally I wanted to have a carreer in that field. I studied computer science in undergrad college.I’ve worked around 15 years in […]

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Here are some screenshots showcasing my various projects (Vanillaccurate, Vanillaccurate RTX, Realaccurate, …)I’ll update this page often, showcasing different shaders. (Header shot was done with SEUS Renewed) For videos, check out this page Vanillaccurate (Java Edition) BSL Shader Continuum (1.3 / 2.0.2-4 / 2.1 Alpha/RT) Kappa Shader Spectrum shader SEUS (Renewed & PTGI) Chronos Path […]

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Upscaled vanilla packs

PLEASE READ THE WARNING NOTE BELOW BEFORE DOWNLOADING THE UPSCALED VANILLA PACKS Quick notice if you want to use my Vanillaccurate pack with some shaders.A few of them ask you to specify the resource pack resolution in order to compute correct reflections. Best known example is SEUS PTGI from Sonic Ether which displays garbage in […]

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Issues with recent drivers

As it seems some recent drivers were causing issues and artifacts with optifine. If you encountered strange issues after updating drivers recently, nVidia issued a fix Here’s the changeling excerpt (shamelessly stolen from the guys at Continuum 😎) Just so you know…

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Introducing VanillaccurateXXL

Some big news/changes coming to Vanillaccurate! The spiritual successor to Vanillaccurate and Vanillaccurate 2K is called VanillaccurateXXL. This pack is building on what the previous packs achieved, and all upcoming releases will be now based on VanillaccurateXXL -even lower resolutions of course-. This new project is mostly Patreon based, but free packs will always remain […]

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some more random textures for fun

Between designs of my current packs (Vanillaccurate, Realaccurate and ToonAccurate) I do tests and experiments with various textures and photographs. Some of those end up getting used in one of my packs but not always. At some point when I am closer to completion with my current stuff I’ll look for inspiration for a new […]

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Dev news : small fix coming

I’ll probably release a small fix for Vanillaccurate in the coming days to address the missing sign textures. I’ll then start working on the latest 1.18 blocks so the pack’s ready for when a fully shader-compatible 1.18 is ready (OptiFine). The items and mobs are on backburner but they’re not shelved. Same with Biomes’o’Plenty. I […]

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Realaccurate and ToonAccurate news

It’s been a while since I posted news about ToonAccurate or Realaccurate. Just so you know where those are at, here are some screenshots of the latest designs and improvements. Remember those have 128x free versions on CurseForge (Realaccurate and ToonAccurate) and higher resolutions as Patreon exclusives. I hope you’ll enjoy the work of the […]

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Dev news : more missing signs

So here are the Vanillaccurate crimson signs! Those were the other missing signs from the current Vanillaccurate alongside the warped ones you saw yesterday. As with the planks, I didn’t use any kind of luminescent growth on those planks. I used a different wood than most other planks though, as with the original crimson_planks texture. […]

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Dev news : missing signs

I’ve been made aware that the two nether-based signs are missing from Vanillaccurate. Indeed the warped sign and the crimson sign textures haven’t been done so far. I started fixing that oversight today. I started with the warped signs which I wanted to behave like the stem and planks of the same essence. Which means […]

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Updated Vanillaccurate NORI packs

The Vanillaccurate packs for the NORI shader on MCPE were updated to support the latest (as of today) commit of the 0.1.4 BETA version. You’ll find them on the original Vanillaccurate v1.9.2 for NORI post. Please use the recommended/provided packs only, as any other commit/release might break compatibility. Check out the post for more information. […]

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