HardTop Vanillaccurate v1.2.5

There is a new version available, click here.

HardTop Vanillaccurate Pack v1.2.5

Mainly more fixes + added some 1.15/1.16 blocks.
Reworked bark generation a bit.

PLEASE NOTE: after a long chat with shader developers, I decided to modify the OldPBR format to use the same smoothness as LabPBR. It turns out most shader devs use the same kind of specular function in the end, although some might look a bit too smooth (Continuum 2.0, Continuum 2.1, SEUS PTGI) and some too rough (Kappa).

In the end, most of them if not all rely on the same level of smoothness in their specular function, so I decided to use the same smoothness in OldPBR as LabPBR and remove the linear add-on altogether. I also lowered smoothness on some critical blocks that looked too shiny with some shaders (grass, podzol, mycelium, …) so most shaders now should look right with either OldPBR or LabPBR (depending on the format each shader supports).

LabPBR : for all Continuum versions, BSL, Kappa, UShader, Spectrum, Raspberry, Nostalgia, Chronos, Voyager, Ymir, …
OldPBR : for SEUS Renewed, SEUS PTGI, Molly, Sildur’s, Chocapic, ProjectLUMA, Vertigo, …

Be aware some shaders still use LabPBR 1.2 or 1.1 so conversion might be required : Chronos (LabPBR 1.1), Nostalgia (LabPBR 1.2), possibly others, you’d have to check the shader you’re using to see if it needs converting.


  • fixed the ugly pattern that appeared with tiling end stones
  • also fixed/improved end bricks a bit
  • fixed white dots on shulker box edges
  • added some (more) 1.15/1.16 blocks
  • reworked some bark blocks a bit + increased detail strength on jungle+acacia log&top
  • fixed netherite to LabPBR 1.3
  • fixed rail corners
  • slightly toned down planks, grass, podzol, and mycelium smoothness
  • reworked farmland variants
  • reworked anvil from Realaccurate
  • reworked red sandstone related blocks
  • reworked coal block and coal ore
  • crimson_planks
  • crimson_stem
  • crimson_stem_top
  • basalt_side
  • basalt_top
  • netherite
  • shulker
  • shulker_black
  • shulker_blue
  • shulker_brown
  • shulker_cyan
  • shulker_gray
  • shulker_green
  • shulker_light_blue
  • shulker_light_gray
  • shulker_lime
  • shulker_magenta
  • shulker_orange
  • shulker_pink
  • shulker_purple
  • shulker_red
  • shulker_white
  • shulker_yellow
  • end_stone
  • end_bricks
  • oak_log
  • oak_log_top
  • spruce_log
  • spruce_log_top
  • dark_oak_log
  • dark_oak_log_top
  • jungle_log
  • jungle_log_top
  • acacia_log
  • acacia_log_top
  • rail_corner
  • oak_planks
  • spruce_planks
  • birch_planks
  • dark_oak_planks
  • acacia_planks
  • jungle_planks
  • grass_block_top
  • grass_block_side_overlay
  • farmland
  • farmland_moist
  • anvil
  • anvil_top
  • chipped_anvil_top
  • damaged_anvil_top
  • red_sandstone
  • red_sandstone_top
  • red_sandstone_bottom
  • chiseled_red_sandstone
  • cut_red_sandstone
  • coal_block
  • coal_ore

HardTop Vanillaccurate 16x v1.2.5.zip – mirror
HardTop Vanillaccurate 64x v1.2.5.zip – mirror
HardTop Vanillaccurate 128x v1.2.5.zip – mirror
HardTop Vanillaccurate 256x v1.2.5.zip – mirror
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x v1.2.5.zip – mirror

HardTop Vanillaccurate 16x v1.2.5 OldPBR.zip – mirror
HardTop Vanillaccurate 64x v1.2.5 OldPBR.zip – mirror
HardTop Vanillaccurate 128x v1.2.5 OldPBR.zip – mirror
HardTop Vanillaccurate 256x v1.2.5 OldPBR.zip – mirror
HardTop Vanillaccurate 512x v1.2.5 OldPBR.zip – mirror

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