Dev news : massive progress on the toolbox

You remember I already mentioned the toolbox I was designing for Minecraft. It’s making huge progress ! I managed to improve the processing speed dramatically, from north of one hour to convert a full LabPBR 1.3 512x pack to OldPBR to less than ten minutes, and the same conversion with a 128x pack takes around 30 seconds !

I also added a report generator to indicate the possible warnings/errors and the elapsed time. The parameters are saved into a config file and loaded upon restart as well.

The current version allows for conversions from/to a couple of common formats (this version will probably be released shortly) but the future holds much, much more.

Here’s what I planned (it’s not a definitive list, it may still change but it’s what I hope to achieve) :

  • custom definition of formats
  • conversion from<>to any defined format
  • project support, with rules and priorities for conversions (global properties and individual/group of textures properties) – I already started designing that
  • a studio module, with custom operations on textures/groups to automate generation of specific PBR properties and more (i.e. reordering, converting based on regex+channel, or property such as metallic, …)
  • An RP mixer panel, to facilitate the mixing of different resourcepacks for gameplay/streaming purposes (i.e. mix terracotta of one pack with blocks from another)
  • file watcher to instantly perform one or several tasks on a file as soon as it changes (i.e. for multiple resolutions)
  • batch up/downscaler which can be included in the project mechanics, allowing for batch up/downscale as well as conversions on multiple packs on one go.
  • import/export formats and projects (in .JSON or .XML, to be defined)

So you see the future is quite busy ! What I need most is your support to get this big project to fruition, it takes a lot of time but I’m sure it can be a very useful tool.
So don’t hesitate to support my Patreon, any help/support is most welcome !

Stay tuned and stay safe !

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