Arrows (entities and items)

Here they are: arrows. I designed the entity elements as well as the item elements (which, again, will possibly be included in a separate package).

They use three different materials : metal (for the tip), wood (for the shaft), and feathers (for the fletching), which are all represented as PBR here (smoothness, metallic, porosity).

Have a look at them:

Visible are the fletching, shaft and part of the tip. Continuum 2.1 Alpha.
Fletching, shaft and a very small part of the tip. Kappa 2.2.
Detail of the back view of the fletching. Continuum 2.1 Alpha.
Spectral arrow detail, with it’s yellowish tip and shorter fletching. BSL v7.1.04.1.
Side view of a regular arrow, with shaft and fletching visible. Spectrum.
Detail of the tip of a regular arrow. Kappa 2.2.
Framed arrow (item). Kappa 2.2.
Spectral arrow as framed item. Kappa 2.2.
Framed spectral arrow tip detail. Kappa 2.2.

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