Vanillaccurate RTX v1.9.0

This pack is for the Bedrock Windows 10 edition with hardware ray-tracing support, NOT the Java edition.

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The new Vanillaccurate RTX version for Bedrock Windows 10 with ray-tracing support is ready!

  • Added all 1.17 blocks
  • Added some entities from the Java edition
  • Improved AO on lots of blocks
  • Various small fixes and improvements overall


  • adjusted all sandstone+red sandstone AO
  • added some of the Java edition entities
  • added 1.17: cave vines stuff, moss block, all candles, powder snow, rooted dirt, all remaining deepslate,
    all dripstone, various amethyst stuff, glow item frame, hanging roots, raw iron/copper/gold, lightning rod
    sculk bottom/side/top + tendril off/on, glow lichen, dripleaf stuff, all azalea-related blocks, spore blossoms
  • small adjustments to grass blocks
  • small improvement to stone bricks base texture
  • improved lapis ore and block base detail texture
  • improved cobblestone + blackstone boulders (more vanilla, less round) + much better AO
  • made red sandstone features slightly more round
  • improved prismarine details and AO
  • slightly adjusted cobbled deepslate
  • redesigned grass, tall grass, fern, large fern, seagrass, tall seagrass, kelp, kelp plant, dead bush,
    crimson/warped roots and potted variant, twisting/weeping vines
  • redesigned lily pad
  • fixed respawn anchor top emissive
  • added more details to side & top furnace depth
  • redesigned honeycomb block
  • started cleaning up extraneous details in alpha masks for lowering disk usage



Click the download links to get the corresponding resolution. If a download link doesn’t work or has issues, use the alt links.

ResolutionMain linkAlt link
RTX 16xdownloaddownload
RTX 32xdownloaddownload
RTX 64xdownloaddownload
RTX 128xdownloaddownload
RTX 256xdownloaddownload
RTX 512xdownloaddownload

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37 thoughts on “Vanillaccurate RTX v1.9.0

    1. You don’t it’s a limitation/bug from Mojang/Microsoft. Even with 3090 and 64GB+ you’ll get this message. It still loads higher res textures than 256x, I’m not sure where it applies the fallback textures exactly.


      1. Then no they’re supposed to be working. At least they do here. It’s the v1.9.0 pack you’re using? Can you try v1.8.0 to see if you have the same issue?


    1. You’re using this with latest Bedrock on Windows 10 right? Won’t work on any other platform (well maybe XboxX or PS5 but no guarantee).
      Are you sure you have an RTX card? (Or the AMD equivalent)
      What exact Minecraft version are you using?


    1. Possibly, at least in part. There are some already for Java but I haven’t ported them to Bedrock at this point. I’ll probably consider it once the Java items and mobs are more complete.


  1. amazing pack man so nice its free as well iv used your java version when playing and playing bedrock to get RT and bit more that 60fps or so


  2. I downloaded the rtx 64x version., and I noticed that there’s no pbr effect at all. I have an rtx 3080ti. Every other pbr rtx pack works. Ray tracing is on and everything. Do I need to download a shader to go with it?


  3. None of the download links are working at all. Also…I’m confused about exactly what you have available and what’s patreon access only and what’s not…


    1. To be more specific, I’m only interested in Bedrock RTX but I don’t know what’s what. I see it was apparently renamed to PiXXL accurate at some point? But I don’t know what that actually means because you still have vanilla accurate packs. And you have at least two different names for bedrock RTX; one is ToonAccurate and the other is RealAccurate? I don’t know what the difference is supposed to be. And here on this page we have Vanillacurrate rtx? :\ I’m so confused. Can you help clear this up please?


    2. I had something typed out, clicked on post and….it’s gone. What is the difference between Vanillaaccurate RTX, Toonaccurate RTX, and Realaccurate RTX for Bedrock?


  4. I had something typed out, clicked on post and….it’s gone. What is the difference between Vanillaaccurate RTX, Toonaccurate RTX, and Realaccurate RTX for Bedrock?


    1. AHHHH!!!!! God I’m so frustrated. I hit refresh multiple times and waited a good minute before wrongly deciding my comments are just gone (the first one showed up immediatelyk also)…..*sigh*….I’m sorry….I needed to make this one LAST comment to explain and to Apologize. I’m so so sorry.


    2. Vanillaccurate uses default styled blocks with high res details. Realaccurate tries to do the same without the original 16×16 “pixels” popping up. ToonAccurate uses toon like blocks.


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