Dev news : more MCPE screenshots

Here are some screenshots using the unreleased 0.1.3 beta version of the NORI shader for MCPE.

This new version (currently DEV branch) brings parallax mapping to the table. The other parallax-enabled shader I tested with my packs is YSS. OSBES and GLSLPE should get parallax eventually too, though.

Anyways, see for yourself! I am currently adjusting the OSBES packs so they work as intended with NORI: there seem to be some padding issues at the moment, NORI seems to handle this issue by insering a small padding texture at the beginning of the atlas to make sure the other textures are aligned. I have to check every resolution and determine the required padding. The thing is, I *think* I could add this padding to the OSBES packs without breaking OSBES compatibility. This would allow the OSBES packs to be used with NORI without any further adjustment.

I’ll let you know when the packs are ready. They should NOT require any adjustment or changes for OSBES anyways. If I can’t make the packs compatible with both shaders I’ll just release a new set of packs for NORI specifically without touching the OSBES ones.

Stay tuned!

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