HardTop Vanillaccurate v1.9.0





Added all remaining 1.17 blocks!
Also improved/fixed lots of existing blocks (POM and AO mostly)

fixes in this version
  • adjusted all sandstone and red sandstone AO
  • added 1.17: cave vines stuff, moss block, all candles, powder snow, rooted dirt, all remaining deepslate, all dripstone, various amethyst stuff, glow item frame, hanging roots, raw iron/copper/gold, lightning rod, sculk bottom/side/top + tendril off/on, glow lichen, dripleaf stuff, all azalea-related blocks, spore blossoms
  • small adjustments to grass blocks
  • small improvement to stone bricks base texture
  • improved lapis ore and block base detail texture
  • improved cobblestone + blackstone boulders (more vanilla, less round) + much better AO
  • made red sandstone features slightly more round
  • improved prismarine details and AO
  • slightly adjusted cobbled deepslate
  • redesigned grass, tall grass, fern, large fern, seagrass, tall seagrass, kelp, kelp plant, dead bush,
    crimson/warped roots and potted variant, twisting/weeping vines
  • redesigned lily pad
  • fixed crops POM (wheat, sweet berry bush, carrots, potatoes, beetroots, bamboo, nether sprouts)
  • fixed respawn anchor top emissive and side/bottom POM
  • added more details to side & top furnace depth
  • redesigned honeycomb block
  • started cleaning up extraneous details in alpha masks for lowering disk usage
Full changelog
  • sandstone
  • sandstone_top
  • sandstone_bottom
  • sandstone_cut
  • sandstone_chiseled
  • red_sandstone
  • red_sandstone_top
  • red_sandstone_bottom
  • red_sandstone_cut
  • red_sandstone_chiseled
  • grass_block_top
  • grass_block_side_overlay
  • stone_bricks
  • stone_bricks_wall
  • mossy_stone_bricks
  • mossy_stone_bricks_wall
  • cracked_stone_bricks
  • chiseled_stone_bricks
  • lodestone
  • cobblestone
  • cobblestone_wall
  • mossy_cobblestone
  • mossy_cobblestone_wall
  • blackstone
  • blackstone_top
  • gilded_blackstone
  • prismarine
  • dark_prismarine
  • prismarine_bricks
  • cobbled deepslate
  • grass
  • fern
  • tall_grass_top
  • tall_grass_bottom
  • large_fern_top
  • large_fern_bottom
  • seagrass
  • tall_seagrass_top
  • tall_seagrass_bottom
  • kelp
  • kelp_plant
  • dead_bush
  • crimson_roots
  • crimson_roots_pot
  • warped_roots
  • warped_roots_pot
  • twisting_vines
  • twisting_vines_plant
  • weeping_vines
  • weeping_vines_plant
  • nether_sprouts
  • wheat_stage*
  • sweet_berry_bush*
  • potatoes_stage*
  • carrots_stage*
  • beetroots_stage*
  • bamboo_stage0
  • respawn_anchor_bottom
  • respawn_anchor_side0
  • respawn_anchor_side1
  • respawn_anchor_side2
  • respawn_anchor_side3
  • respawn_anchor_side4
  • respawn_anchor_top
  • respawn_anchor_top_off
  • furnace_side
  • furnace_top
  • honeycomb_block
  • lily_pad
  • cave_vines*
  • moss_block
  • *candle
  • *candle_lit
  • powder_snow
  • dirt_path_side (<- copied from grass_path_side)
  • dirt_path_top (<- copied from grass_path_top)
  • rooted_dirt
  • polished_deepslate
  • chiseled_deepslate
  • deepslate_tiles
  • cracked_deepslate_tiles
  • deepslate_bricks
  • cracked_deepslate_bricks
  • deepslate_lapis_ore
  • deepslate_emerald_ore
  • deepslate_copper_ore
  • amethyst_cluster
  • budding_amethyst
  • dripstone_block
  • glow_item_frame
  • hanging_roots
  • raw_iron_block
  • lightning_rod*
  • raw_copper_block
  • raw_iron_block
  • raw_gold_block
  • pointed_dripstone_down_base
  • pointed_dripstone_down_frustum
  • pointed_dripstone_down_middle
  • pointed_dripstone_down_tip
  • pointed_dripstone_down_tip_merge
  • pointed_dripstone_up_base
  • pointed_dripstone_up_frustum
  • pointed_dripstone_up_middle
  • pointed_dripstone_up_tip
  • pointed_dripstone_up_tip_merge
  • sculk_bottom
  • sculk_side
  • sculk_top
  • sculk_sensor_tendril_active
  • sculk_sensor_tendril_inactive
  • glow_lichen
  • big_dripleaf_side
  • big_dripleaf_stem
  • big_dripleaf_tip
  • big_dripleaf_top
  • small_dripleaf_side
  • small_dripleaf_stem_bottom
  • small_dripleaf_stem_top
  • small_dripleaf_top
  • azalea_leaves
  • azalea_plant
  • azalea_side
  • azalea_top
  • flowering_azalea_leaves
  • flowering_azalea_plant
  • flowering_azalea_side
  • flowering_azalea_top
  • potted_azalea_bush_plant
  • potted_azalea_bush_side
  • potted_azalea_bush_top
  • potted_flowering_azalea_bush_plant
  • potted_flowering_azalea_bush_side
  • potted_flowering_azalea_bush_top
  • spore_blossom_base
  • spore_blossom


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removed overflowing details on all foliage blocks (except leaves and vines) following poll results. I slightly redesigned lots of those to use more large-scale details (so they downscale better)
redesigned lily pad
added some depth to the top and sides of the furnace
slight redesign of honeycomb block to fit vanilla more closely
revamped AO on sandstone and made most of the boulder-like blocks more vanilla-ish (cobblestone, sandstone, blackstone…)
improved lapis texture
improved sweet berry bush heightmap and removed overflowing details

now for some new 1.17 blocks (not all of them are showcased here but they’re available in the pack)

dripstone and cave glow berries, OldPBR with Sildur’s.
sculk sensor

and some downscaled screenshots at 128x:

moss blocks and carpets at 128x
glowing berries AKA “lit cave vines”


Remember to check this guide if you encounter any issues when installing/running the packs. It will also help you choose the right edition (LabPBR or OldPBR).

If you encounter any issue with the main links, make sure to try the alt links


for most recent shaders like Kappa, Continuum, BSL, Chocapic PBR test (except SEUS, Sildurs, older Chocapic, LUMA) – note MollyVX supports LabPBR but some features are missing, better use OldPBR.

ResolutionMain linkalt link
LabPBR 16xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 32xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 64xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 128xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 256xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 512xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 512x LITEdownloadmirror

for shaders such as SEUS Renewed, SEUS PTGI and PTGI HRR, Sildurs Vibrant, older Chocapic, MollyVX, Raspberry…

ResolutionMain linkalt link
OldPBR 16xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 32xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 64xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 128xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 256xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 512xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 512x LITEdownloadmirror
Other downloads (add-ons)
Round sea lanternpost

125 thoughts on “HardTop Vanillaccurate v1.9.0

  1. When will the Bedrock v1.9 update be available? I love your stuff and I’m super excited to see raw gold and Iron in RTX :p

    1. I suppose you mean a small part that overflows from the lower recess on the front face? If so, it’s because I wanted to keep the vanilla texture as much as possible, but if this is too jarring I’ll fix it for the next version.

  2. Yo bro, I just want to say this is my favourite resource pack of all time, I would love if you added a 1.12.2 version though please, something to play mods with.

      1. Man, I have been playing mc since beta and goooodness the vanillaaccurate is the coolest thing, Best pack on the market by a long shot, I really do hope you keep up the amazing work! the ambient chill moods it adds and the attention to detail you gave it is amazing! if lofi music was a texture pack…

  3. I am using the full on 1.17.1 and for some reason the candle textures are really glitched, I have no other resource packs on with it. I am not sure what is going on.

    1. Hm that’s strange. never noticed that glitch in any shaders and resolutions I tested. Can you tell me which exact resourcepack you used (vanillaccurate version – I assume v1.9.0, resolution, PBR version, shader you tried) and tell me if you get that issue with any other shader/resolution? Also you’re using latest Optifine yes? If not update it to the latest 1.17 preview.

  4. I used to get 40fps with oldpbr 256x with sues ptgi 12. But for some thing I am getting like 10fps. I have a GTX 980, Ryzen 5 1500x. Please help. And thanks as you guys reply very soon as before when i had an issue you guys replied very fast.

  5. Damn, dude! I’m in love with your texture packs. I’ve been playing MInecraft with regular textures packs for a while and now that I’ve tried yours I dont think I’ll be able to go back hahah. You’re very talented. And I really appreciate that you have free versions. Im definitely supporting you on Patreon. You deserve it!

    I tried all your texture packs and they are all amazing but I’m having a small yet annoying graphical issue with Vanillacurate and Toonaccurate when in complete darkness using SEUS Renewed. Some white dots pop up along the outlines of the blocks whenever you move the camera. I played with the shader settings but nothing helped 🙁

    Do you know why could that happen? Thank you!

    1. Hey thanks so much for the kind comments, it really matters a lot to me!

      As for your issue, it might have to do with the fact Renewed is highly incomplete and bugged. Are you using version 1.0/1.0.1 or E2? Might be worth trying the one you aren’t using.
      Also just to be sure, you’re using the OldPBR variant of the packs right?
      Does the issue happen with other PBR resourcepacks?

      Lastly if you’re not unwilling to give other shaderspacks a go, I’d suggest trying the SEUS PTGI HRR 2.1 shader instead of Renewed (if you have the horsepower for it, it’s a bit more demanding).

      Could I suggest trying out BSL v8.1 or Complementary v4.2.1 those can be excellent alternatives to Renewed, are highly customizable and pretty fast.

      The latest Chocapic v9.1 PBR test is also a solid choice and very fast. Nostalgia v3.0/v4.0/VX are excellent shaders too, I can’t recommend these enough.

      The shaders I’m using the most are Kappa and all it’s variants though (from the same dev as Nostalgia). More demanding but so satisfying.

      MollyVX is also a superb choice but it’s demanding too, being a PT shader like PTGI.

      Of course Continuum 2.1 is always a solid choice but the build 12 still has some issues. Looks stunning though.

      If you want a more vanilla experience with a feature-packed shader there is always Fraction, but keep in mind it’s much more vanilla than Renewed. You might find it a bit “simple” in comparison, but under the hood it’s very detailed and had tons of features too.

      1. Thank you very much for your quick reply and for the detailed recommendations.

        SEUS renewed didn’t work and the glitch was very noticeable and annoying since most of the time Im in caves so I gave some of the ones you mentioned a try and it’s all good now. I got a bit frustrated at first cause those have many more options and sliders and I almost went crazy hahah but I was able to set everything as I like it.

        Keep up the great work, my dude! Thx

      2. Haha yeah some of those shaderpacks really went overboard with the settings and customization. I forgot to mention another great pack that’s quite stylized/cartoonish with nice effects and performance: AstraLex. Like Complementary they’re both based on BSL but the changes make them very distinctive.

    1. Oopsie. I hadn’t noticed that. Can you give me more details? pack version, PBR (labpbr or OldPBR), pack resolution ? I see you’re using a recent Optifine and 1.17.1 as well as Seus renewed, does it happen with other shaders? Do you happen to be using another resourcepack on top of Vanillaccurate?

    1. Hey there, what do you mean? Normal double is, what, the chest? I don’t remember any issue with chests, can you show me a screenshot with F3 screen open? Also which pack resolution, PBR format, Optifine version, shaderpack ?

  6. Amazing texture pack but i cant download it for some reason. Anyway great work, this should be implemented in the original MC

    1. Hey, sorry I’m currently moving some files around so there might be some momentary disruption to the service. Which exact pack are you trying to download?
      I’ll let you all know when things are fixed.

    1. Hey! The current 1.17 works with 1.18 without problem as there doesn’t seem to be a lot (or any?) new blocks with 1.18. some blocks have slightly changed, i might update those yet though.
      Thanks for your interest!

  7. Hi, I finally solved the lag problem I was talking to you
    Now I can get playable FPS using Vanillaccurate 512x and Realaccurate 1024x
    I like those packs very much.
    But I’m worried if Realaccurate will work even if it supports more textures
    I know it uses more RAM as new textures are added, but I have 64GB of RAM so I think it’s okay
    Even if Realaccurate supports all textures in the future, can I get about the same performance on the same map if the resolution is the same as long as I don’t run out of RAM (I’m currently using Realaccurate 1024x v0.6.0)

    1. There might be a point where it will start lagging, also there’s a hard limit caused by the fact Minecraft stitches all the blocks in one large single texture atlas. With 1024x and higher resolutions it will come to a point where the limit is hit (iirc 32768×32768 for Nvidia GPUs?). The only hope lies with Focal Engine from Continuum team that might change the way textures are loaded altogether (while significantly lowering the required RAM and VRAM because it won’t load duplicates textures as Vanilla Minecraft does…)
      Wait and see 😉

      1. By the way I’m still using 0.6.0, does Realaccurate v0.7.0 EA have all resolutions including 1024x?
        And how many textures have been added compared to 0.6.0?

      2. The latest v0.7.0 has all resolutions indeed, there are quite a lot of new stuff: oak door, furnace, grass/tall grass, new glazed terracotta blocks, end bricks, shield, copper, bell… and improved lots of existing blocks as well.

      3. Hey, I really want to use Fraction, but I’ve had a plant shadow problem since I downloaded the shader and it hasn’t been solved yet.
        The shape of the shadows of grass and flowers is strange.

      4. About the limits you say
        Can’t even 64GB of RAM run all textures as of 1.18 on 1024x?
        (Sorry for the previous question)

      5. Unfortunately no. You won’t be able to load more than a couple hundred blocks at 1024x. You could even have 256GB system RAM it would still crash because the hard limit is mostly the maximum texture size. Read my initial reply again i explain all this.

  8. Hey, love your texture pack. Though for some reason POM suddenly stooped working for me. I am using 128x thogether with seus renewed. in 1.17 it used to work, as well as when i started playing on 1.18. Any ideas? Thanks

    1. Not really, i stopped using renewed a long time ago because it was too outdated and bugged. If you’re open to other shaders I’d suggest having a look at BSL, Nostalgia, or Complementary, or even Sildurs latest Vibrant for stylized options (although the latter doesn’t use PBR only hardcoded reflections). For more neutral shaderpacks you can check Fraction, or Chocapic PBR. The links can be found here https://github.com/rre36/lab-pbr/wiki/Shader-Packs

  9. Hello! When using these packs on Java v1.18.1 I’m experiencing some weird issues where the textures seem almost crunched as opposed to « 3D. » I’ve tried vanilla accurate 16x oldPBR as well as the 512x lite oldPBR (both 1.9.0). I was only able to replicate this issue when using them in conjunction with SEUS Renewed v1.0.1 and SEUS PTGI HRR Test v2.1, making sure to match the pack resolution with the POM settings, so it’s possible (likely, even) that the issue lies there and not with your resource pack. Just figured I would raise it to your attention. If it is in fact a shader issue, I was wondering if you had any suggestions to work around this or if you suggest just using different shaders for the timebeing?

    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/9cH5K3r

    1. Hey! First SEUS Renewed is not recommended as it’s outdated and still has lots of bugs. PTGI HRR is absolutely fine.
      For the wavy effect you notice make sure you’re using at least the 128x resolution and try disabling smooth parallax – it can cause issues.
      For the weird tiling it can happen when the resolution is set to an incorrect value, which doesn’t seem to be the case here. I’ve heard of such issues before but I don’t think I’ve heard of a fix
      Do you use an AMD GPU by the way?
      For some other shaders I could suggest, you can try Chocapic PBR (neutral/realistic), Complementary (stylized), Nostalgia (stylized), MollyVX (path traced neutral/stylized), Kappa (neutral/realistic), voyager 2.0 (neutral/realistic).
      You’ll find links to these on the following page https://github.com/rre36/lab-pbr/wiki/Shader-Packs

      1. Thanks for the reply! I am actually using a 2060 Super. The wavy effect was indeed caused by smooth parallax. Sadly I haven’t been able to get the tiling issue resolved with PTGI HRR yet (the issue occurs when the resolution in the shaders menu is set to anything above x16), but I’ve been using your pack with BSL shaders and it looks incredible. Definitely going to try out your suggestions. Thanks for all of your hard work!

      2. Also, please feel free to delete or disregard the other replies I left that essentially report the same issue. I was having one hell of a time trying to get wordpress working

      3. Fair enough honestly xD Once again, thanks for the hard work. I’ll be sure to return if I ever solve this tiling issue.

  10. Noticing an odd bug where the textures seem crunched as opposed to “3D”. Some blocks have see-through outlines in between as well. Occurs when using vanilla accurate 512x and 16x v1.9.0 oldPBR in conjunction with either SEUS PTGI HRR Test v2.1 as well as SEUS Renewed v1.0.1. Am I correct in assuming this a shader issue and not an issue with your texture pack? If so, any recommendations on shader packs that will utilize PBR? I absolutely love this pack when I’m able to get it working.

  11. Whenever I try and download the pack, my download speed tops out at around 1000KB/s then gets an error. Any way that I can fix this? Would like to try this pack out.

  12. This is by far the best texture pack I’ve ever tried. Thanks so much!

    I tried using the 512x pack but my game would crash. When I use the 256x pack it works perfectly fine. I’m wondering if it’s because they aren’t updated for 1.18.1 yet, or is there some issue with the 512x packs? Regardless, I’m hoping to see an official update soon!

    1. Hey man thanks so much for your kind words! So yeah the 512x pack issues are not because of 1.18 compatibility, it’s mostly a RAM problem. Even with lots of system memory it can crash because Mojang designed their texture atlas memory management not taking large HD packs into account. Check out this page for more info : https://hardtopnet.ovh/download?shaderconf
      Just know that there is a 512x lite pack that might work where the regular 512x pack won’t (the lite pack has some textures removed, some downscaled, and all animated blocks have been culled to 1 frame as well.)

      1. I actually got it to work. Technically it was working the whole time but the loading screen was so long and for a second the game freezes so I would restart my computer before it ends up finishing lol. I will say that the 1K version seems to load better than 512x but the performance penalty is too much which is why I’m really glad the 512x ended up working. Anyways, now that I’ve gone from 256x to 512x with SEUS ptgi I can say that this an absolute work of art! I joined your patreon and can’t wait to see more from you!

    1. Most packs work well with default values. BSL can be lowered a smidge, SEUS can be raised a tad. Tell me which shader you’re mostly using I’ll tell you which value i use.

      1. Yeah so complementary you can use default values, ptgi you can either use default or increase it a notch (one step, 1.15 or 1.25 I don’t recall)

  13. Complementary’s default setting is 0.60 or 15cm. Should I leave it as is or change it to 1.15 or 1.25 like you recommended?

    1. Hi I am playing Minecraft Java on NVIDIA GT710 please tell me which resolution will be best to play for my graphics card.

  14. Hello, it seems there’s a bug with reflected lava blocks. I don’t know it its the shaders or texture pack but I’m using PTGI HRR 3 and both 128x (oldPBR). I also have the resolution to 128x in shadershttps://imgur.com/a/wfL9DNo

    1. I celebrated too early, the reflections are still bad they only seem to get fixed when I use 32x or 16x on the shader. I also tried to use a Upscaled 32x but no luck in both HRR 2.1 and HRR 3

  15. anytime i use any of seus shaders and vannila acurate pom+pbr never works. ive tried lab and old pbr, the texture res is set properly pom is enabled. ive tried 1.18.2 and 1.15.2, and several seus shaders. my pc has an rtx 3080, intel i7 12 gen, 32gb ram. the closest i got it to working was with seus ptgi hrr test. pom worked up to one block away. then i went into the settings, didnt change anything and it stopped working. i dont even know how that happens.

    1. Sounds weird. In case you didn’t know the only SEUS PTGI versions that support POM are HRR 2 and 3. Also Renewed has support for POM.
      Vanillaccurate should work with HRR 2/3 with versions 1.13 to 1.18 and 1.19 (without blocks later than 1.16 though) so if you’re trying to have POM on very recent blocks it might not work.
      SEUS works better with old PBR in any case but lab should work as well.

  16. it didnt work with seus renewed at all. it also didnt work with any seus shader that had a pom option. also how would you get pom in 1.19 because optifine isnt out yet for 1.19 and iris doesnt support pom. is there another optifine like thing that supports pom and pbr that i could try?. i know it wasnt the block age that was the problem because there was no pom on blocks like grass or cobble which have been in the game since the beginning of its time. in any case ill try sues ptgi hrr 2 or 3 and see if it works

  17. it didnt work on any seus shader that had the option for paralax. my ptgi hrr was version 2.1 so it should have worked. it was on default settings except texture res and paralax. any other realistic shaders that i could use instead. im curently using nostalgia but it doesnt render text or maps properly, so i cant read it. by text i mean like player names or floating text not chat text. i like continnum but it doesnt have an underground light leak fix. you said 1.19. but optifine 1.19 isnt out yet and iris doesnt support pom. is there any other optifine like things that might work.

    1. Don’t know what more to tell you, it’s supposed to work and work for most people. Has you used an AMD GPU I could say it’s the culprit in some cases but it’s not even the case.
      Check out my guide just in case you missed something https://hardtopnet.ovh/download?shaderconf but I somehow doubt it will make a difference.
      As for 1.19 just said that in anticipation, as the pack will work bar the new blocks.

      1. thanks for trying to help. what are some other great shaders that maybe i could use instead. sues was the only shader(s) that wouldnt work with pom.

      2. OMG i figured it out. seus website says compatability: optifine hd u f5. i got that version of optifine (for 1.14.4) and it works. sad that it doesnt in later optifine versions but it works.

      3. thanks for the alternate shaders. im accually using nostalgia but it doesnt render floating text which is unplayable in servers

  18. oops sorry it went twice. the first one didnt show up then i sent the second one and they both appeared

  19. I don’t have the 3d effect that stands out of the blocks with any of the shaders I tried (Kappa, complementary and SEUS renewed) and I don’t understand why (I’m using the 512x lite resource pack)

      1. no, if I remember correctly I disabled it (anyway sorry for replying all those times, I thought it wasn’t working)

      2. don’t worry it’s the auto moderation that’s finicky with external links. Okay so you just have to enable it. The 3D/depth effect is called POM or Parallax (Occlusion) Mapping so you have to enable it.

  20. Now it’s working!! Thank you so much for the help man, you were so kind. Oh and your resource pack is really amazing, good job!

  21. Hi Hardtop,

    the vanilla accurate textures for java are really really great and make mine craft much more enjoyable.
    Can you aprox. say, when the version for mc 1.19 is finished?

  22. floating text doesnt render properly. the first half is just a block of color and the second is normal. it is fixed when i turn off pom but is there a way to fix it without turning off pom? im using complamentary shaders with your 256x pack. heres a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/QEq6hZ7

    1. That’s an issue with the shader pack not the resource pack. Ask the shader dev there should be a way to contact him where you downloaded the shader pack (curse forge I suppose)

  23. I tried the shader discord but it said I don’t have permission to post a message?
    I know its an issue with the shaderpack but I don’t know where else to look for an answer. many shaderpacks that I tried work when global illumination is enabled but i couldnt find an option for that.

  24. Just want to know why is there more textures in the free one and less textures in the paid one because I checked the 128x on the patreon version and there was no sculk sensor in that one and no netherite and no sea lantern but in this pack you get all of those?

    1. The paid pack is a full rewrite with native 2k resolution, it’s currently being actively developed whereas this pack here is the older version that’s no longer being maintained.

  25. Hi, I really love your Resource Packs, I just added VanillAccurate 512x, now minecraft is a lot more fun and i can’t go back, can i get any tips for the best shader? (i have a 3090 strix so i can put anything) i saw you are working on XXL version, can i get a preview in 2048x?

    1. Hi the shaders I use are mostly:

      For gameplay
      – stylized : BSL v7.2/8.0, Complementary, Nostalgia v3/v4
      – neutral/realistic : Kappa v4.1/v4.2, SEUS PTGI HRR 2.1, Chocapic v9.1 PBR

      For stills/screenshots : Continuum 2.1 alpha 12, ContinuumRT, Spectrum, MollyVX

      As for XXL it’s called PiXXL and can be found on https://patreon.com/hardtopnet the 128x version is free. There’s no free 2K demo but lots of in-game screenshots.

  26. I have a 3090 and 10900k but it runs at 1fps
    I increased my allocated ram on Minecraft but it hasn’t made a difference

  27. Hi,
    Absolutely love the work! First time experiencing rtx stuff with this pack is next level.

    One thing I want to ask is about a bug in my gameplay. It seems like not all of the block have the effect of the pack. (Some cobblestone/ores have map, some doesn’t). Do you know how to fix this?


    My rig is Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 3070, 16GB RAM. Using SEUS PTGI HRR 2.1 with Fabric + Iris & Sodium (This also happens with OptiFine). Also, with this PC, which resolution pack should I use for best experience ?

    Thank you for your time on this project!

    1. That’s weird, possibly some issue with mods replacing vanilla blocks. Try without any mods first.
      With your PC I’d recommend 256x, you could up to 512x with a bit more RAM.

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