Vanillaccurate RTX v1.8.0

THIS PACK IS FOR THE BEDROCK WINDOWS 10 EDITION WITH HARDWARE RAY-TRACING SUPPORT.FOR JAVA EDITION CLICK HERE, for MCPE/android version click here, HERE or HERE. There is the new Vanillaccurate version for Bedrock with ray-tracing (Windows 10 / PS5 / XboxX)! It adds lots of fixes and improved designs: now has baked-in ambient occlusion! much better […]

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HardTop Vanillaccurate v1.8.0

THIS IS THE JAVA EDITION PACK. FOR THE BEDROCK/WIN10 PACKS WITH H/W RAYTRACING SUPPORT CLICK HERE. FOR MCPE PACKS CLICK HERE, HERE OR HERE. The next Vanillaccurate version is here at last! It brings lots of improvements to the pack overall, and introduces a couple of 1.17 blocks now Optifine has a preview version that’s compatible […]

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HardTop Vanillaccurate OSBES 64x v1.8.0

There is a new version available –>FOR OSBES 0.14.0/0.13.1 WITH MINECRAFT 1.17 click here.FOR OSBES 1.12 WITH MINECRAFT 1.16 CLICK HERE. THIS PACK IS FOR THE MCPE EDITION ON MOBILE/CONSOLES.FOR JAVA EDITION CLICK HERE, FOR BEDROCK/WIN10 VERSION WITH H/W RAYTRACING SUPPORT CLICK HERE. Finally! The first release for MCPE ever! This pack is meant to be used […]

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Vanillaccurate Items-Mobs v0.8b

Here is a BETA version of the Vanillaccurate Items-Mobs add on, featuring the latest sword designs. You’ll find a sole 128x version using the LabPBR 1.3 standard for now, I’ll release the other resolutions/versions when most bugs or issues have been fixed.Your feedback is pretty important, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you […]

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Vanillaccurate BoP add-on v0.2.0

Here is an early release for the Vanillaccurate Biomes’o’Plenty add-on! Below you’ll find the changelog and direct downloads. Note: this is an add-on, you have to use a regular corresponding Vanillaccurate (same PBR type and resolution) and add this add-on on top of it. Changelog Note: Shaders use either LabPBR or OldPBR. Find out which […]

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HardTop Vanillaccurate 2K v0.3 EA

Vanillaccurate now got all packs released here on the blog, including the 2K experimental ones! The 2K packs are very early WIP and will only get updated in a while after I revamped the whole Vanillaccurate process. Please note some of those blocks may be broken, so don’t hesitate to report them here and if […]

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HardTop Vanillaccurate v1.7.0

There is a new version available, click here. This is the latest version of my Vanillaccurate pack, minor changes were done, mostly fixes as well as some new blocks for 1.17 that were already designed but not useable yet. Click here to jump directly to the download section Quick note: with versions starting from 1.15 […]

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Vanillaccurate RTX 1.6.3

A new Vanillaccurate RTX version was released, fixing various issues with torches roughness and FPS drops with redstone torches. All versions are now free for the time being! Enjoy! Resolution main link alt link alt link alt link 16x download mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 32x download mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 64x […]

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