Dev news : BoP black sand + sandstone

Black sand and sandstone variants are now in the Biomes’o’Plenty add-on pack. I also refined existing white sandstone blocks as well as Vanillaccurate’s vanilla sandstone+red sandstone blocks with regards to their AO. Here are a few captures using Kappa 4.1 E1 and Continuum 2.1 alpha build 12. Notice how ambient occlusion gives depth to the […]

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More MCPE screenshots: Nori

As it turns out, the Nori shaders from Mcbamboo seem to use the same texture/material format as OSBES, which prompted me to test it with Vanillaccurate 64x and do some screenshots. In every case, Nori seems to approve of this shader. See for yourself with the following in-game captures!

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Vanillaccurate RTX v1.8.0

THIS PACK IS FOR THE BEDROCK WINDOWS 10 EDITION WITH HARDWARE RAY-TRACING SUPPORT.FOR JAVA EDITION CLICK HERE, for MCPE/android version click here. There is the new Vanillaccurate version for Bedrock with ray-tracing (Windows 10 / PS5 / XboxX)! It adds lots of fixes and improved designs: now has baked-in ambient occlusion! much better foliage / grass […]

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Vanillaccurate Items-Mobs add-on v0.8

New Items&Mobs add-on packages available! Those mostly add improved swords to Vanillaccurate, screenshots of which I shared the last few days/weeks. I’ll post some again here: DOWNLOADS LabPBR for most recent shaders like Kappa, Continuum, BSL (except SEUS, Sildurs, Chocapic, LUMA) Resolution Main link alt link LabPBR 16x download mirror LabPBR 32x download mirror LabPBR […]

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HardTop Vanillaccurate v1.8.0

The next Vanillaccurate version is here at last! It brings lots of improvements to the pack overall, and introduces a couple of 1.17 blocks now Optifine has a preview version that’s compatible with 1.17. Most important changes include sea lantern design revamp, smooth stone blocks complete overhaul, improved AO on blocks all over the board, […]

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OSBES shader (MCPE) support

I noticed a new YouTube video pop up recently that showcased Vanillaccurate on MCPE using the OSBES shader. This video, from YouTuber CravenTuber, already garnered a lot of views and consequently increased traffic on this page. I’m not going to complain 😉 Thing is, CravenTuber used a converted Vanillaccurate pack that’s not public. I knew […]

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Poll: VA sea lantern

I’ve noticed some of you thought the new sea lantern looked a bit too stylized for Vanillaccurate. I don’t want to change it without getting more formal feedback so I decided to set up a poll. Could you please vote here to indicate which design you think I should keep for the VA sea lantern […]

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Dev news : tuff

I wanted to include one more 1.17 block for the upcoming release. I noticed this one was quite prevalent when going very deep inside deepslate territory. Tuff is a highly porous volcanic rock, I tried to have it feature a rough, dappled pattern reminiscent of the pores in such rocks. In Minecraft It is usually […]

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