Introducing VanillaccurateXXL

Some big news/changes coming to Vanillaccurate!

The spiritual successor to Vanillaccurate and Vanillaccurate 2K is called VanillaccurateXXL. This pack is building on what the previous packs achieved, and all upcoming releases will be now based on VanillaccurateXXL -even lower resolutions of course-.

This new project is mostly Patreon based, but free packs will always remain available and will be posted here as well.

You can find more details on this public Patreon reveal post. There’s also a small teaser showcasing the VanillaccurateXXL 2K pack compared to the 512x counterpart:

So this means the v1.9.0 release will be the last of the Vanillaccurate pack but again, packs will still come as free VanillaccurateXXL releases. For higher resolutions you can head over to the Patreon.

Having VanillaccurateXXL being monetized will also allow for a steadier output on the main pack and the add-ons (items, mobs, …).

Here are some more renders and screenshots!

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