HardTop Vanillaccurate OSBES v1.9.2


This pack is to be used with OSBES 1.13x and Minecraft 1.17.
For the MC 1.16 and OSBES 0.12.x compatible version check out this post.

This version fixes the issues that came up with the release of Minecraft 1.17.10. This version broke compatibility with Vanillaccurate OSBES v1.9.1 so this new version fixes that.

This version has three resolutions: 32x, 64x and 128x.

It seems highly finnicky so don’t hesitate to remove all your packs (storage/delete) then reimport OSBES 0.13.1 and Vanillaccurate v1.9.2 and activate them in the right order (VA on top of OSBES) before loading your game.

It should also be compatible with the upcoming Minecraft 1.17.20.


HardTop Vanillaccurate OSBES resource pack

If the main link doesn’t work, try the alt link!

This version will only work with MC 1.17.10 and later

ResolutionVersionMain linkAlt link
32x1.17.10 RELEASEdownloaddownload
64x1.17.10 RELEASEdownloaddownload
128x1.17.10 RELEASEdownloaddownload

OSBES ShaderPack version 0.13.1

ResolutionMain link
all resolutionsdownload


For some troubleshooting tips, be sure to check out this guide!

First download OSBES from the GitHub releases on OSBES repo. Install the OSBES shader by clicking/launching the mcpack file and launching it with Minecraft. When you see the “import successful” message exit the game.

Next do the same with the Vanillaccurate mcpack file.

Now go to the options, select global resources and activate OSBES and Vanillaccurate. Vanillaccurate should be on top.

Create a new world, and don’t use any custom resource pack for the world (it will use the default global ones)

If you already had OSBES installed and/or Vanillaccurate, you might want to remove them before reinstalling.

To do so, open the options panel and select “storage”. Delete both resourcepacks then reinstall them as stated before. Edit the world you want to use to set the newly installed packs.

In some cases I had to delete my worlds from the storage menu as well. It should not be required though, I will use new UUID’s for the next Vanillaccurate versions.

Note: there aren’t different resolutions for the shaderpack anymore, everything is now self-contained in the Vanillaccurate pack.

15 thoughts on “HardTop Vanillaccurate OSBES v1.9.2

  1. Keepes crashing i deleated all compounds an element still not working. Vanillaccurate 1.8.1 works perfect.

    1. You need OSBES 0.13.1 and Minecraft 1.17.10 (latest release, might also work with beta but not 100% sure).
      What do you mean it’s crashing? If Minecraft freezes/force closes you might not have enough memory (there are extra blocks in v1.9.x ) if it starts but the blocks show 4 tiles instead of the regular texture, try removing all packs then re-adding OSBES then Vanillaccurate only (VA on top) and see if it works. If not try setting OSBES on ultra (⚙️).

      1. The texture pack is working fine woth osbes 0.12.3a 64x but crashing with osbes 0.13.1.
        I have 6gb ram.

    1. Yep I noticed that too. I thought I used the right resolution for items but it seems it was not the case. I’ll try fixing it as soon as I can, I’ll let you know with a blog post.

      1. oh that? it’s the same with all resourcepacks and resolutions. It’s a shader issue. It might or might not be fixed at some point but I think Jebbyk mentioned he was looking into it.

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