Dev news : VA finishing touches

I spent a bit of time polishing miscellaneous details on the whole pack. The feedback from various channels (YouTube, Discord, Twitter, …) provided lots of data to improve/fix some parts.

To sum it up:

1 – plants edges

plants were rolled back a bit, I removed the overflowing details that were protruding beyond their alpha mask.

2 – Sea plants animations and normals

The sea plants (seagrass, tall seagrass, kelp) beyond having their overflowing details removed, also got an improvement on their animated frames. I re-added normals on those blocks.

Here’s kelp (plant and top)

Those are tall seagrass

Here we have regular seagrass

They now look more consistent overall. The LITE package will have the animated frames removed altogether as before though.

3 – Some improvements on furnaces and respawn anchors

Furnaces had some depth data missing on the side and top. Those seem to be made of cobbles but those were not that obvious in the normal- and heightmaps. The extra details look much better

Also respawn anchors were missing some emissive data on the top, and had too strong and rounded a heightmap. I adjusted those parameters to get a cleaner design.

(for some reason GeForce Experience/ShadowPlay also recorded the FPS counter…)

4– Redesigned honeycomb blocks

I wanted to give those a small makeover (oxymoronic as that can be) because the current ones didn’t feel Vanilla enough. The height details are now more blocky as they should.

5– Other POM fixes for lower resolutions

I decided to remove the heightmap on nether sprouts because the large heads were so close to the edges I couldn’t have any good POM design without completely breaking the spherical aspect of said sprout head.

I increased the roundness of normals a bit and otherwise cleaned up the block.

This is also to prevent lower resolutions to break at the edges. Here’s the same block at 64x :

Some blocks were downscaled too much when using lower resolutions (fire, nether portal, …) and were broken at resolutions 64x and lower. I fixed those for the next release. Here’s the 64x pack :

The crops had some issues at the edges with regards to the heightmap as well. It was also mostly noticeable at lower resolutions. This has just been fixed.

That’s all for today’s news, I think we’re very close to release now. I’ll probably redesign sweet berry bushes as well so they’re more Vanilla-ish as well, as the poll on ShaderLabs seems to indicate. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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