Dev news : changes to plants

A poll I introduced on the shaderlabs channel yesterday indicates that lots of you would rather have clean-cut plants without overflowing leaves/blades, and softer details as well.

So I started working on those blocks again. I want to get them right so it’ll be a bit of time until they’re ready for release. It shouldn’t take weeks though, so rest assured the next Vanillaccurate release is not postponed much.

The grass and tall grass blocks have been updated, as you can see there are more details than what they used to have in the early versions of Vanillaccurate. They don’t have overflowing grass blades anymore (the small blades that extend outwards of the original alpha mask).

Fern blocks use a fern-like composite leaf as main pattern instead of a single grass blade. I’ll see for ways to make sure the double fern looks right. Not sure how I’ll make use of the original mask though. The original texture seems to be representing a single plant with three large fern leaves. I’ll experiment a bit more.

As always often, the shader used here is Kappa v4.1 E2.

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