Dev news : azalea blocks

Some more 1.17-related blocks today, with the latest Optifine previews I can now use more recent 1.17 builds with shaders without major issues.

The azalea flower blocks consist of the following items:

  • leaves as on trees or bushes
  • plant, which is a shrub-like block with a small trunk and foliage
  • side and top which complement the plant
  • the aforementioned plant also has a potted version
  • all those blocks have a flowered variant (leaves, plant, potted plant)

Let’s look at them separately:


As I don’t exactly know how they will appear in-game I laid those down in a bush-like pattern. I used lots of shaders, including OldPBR ones like Molly or PTGI (yes I know Molly also supports LabPBR but then it doesn’t use texture AO so I prefer using OldPBR with baked-in AO on Molly)


Plants here are basically azalea that are planted in soil/dirt. There is a flowered variant as well.

potted plants

Those are smaller variants of the plants that are used in flower pots. They are a bit trickier with regards to POM as they’re cropped much smaller and not close to the texture edges. Same thing here, regular version and flowered variant.

More 1.17 to come soon, stay tuned! As soon as 1.17 blocks are done, a new release is expected very shortly!

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