Vanillaccurate YSS: MCPE with POM!

The Vanillaccurate 64x pack was also adjusted to work with the latest YSSbe shader on MCPE! This shader has normalmapping, PBR, as well as parallax mapping, which makes it one of the closest one to some Java shaders features-wise!

As you can see, there’s depth and “fake” 3D (AKA parallax mapping) on the blocks, on top of the usual normalmapping. This gives much more depth to blocks, even at 64x resolution!

I couldn’t take lots of screenshots because unfortunately at this stage, the shader is still running *very* slowly: I get 1 FPS on my Pixel 3a phone (Snapdragon 670, Adreno 615, 4GB RAM) which is not a shabby phone. It’s still super promising though! Check out those nice details below!

If you have a very powerful gaming phone you might give it a try, the 64x pack is going to be released later today.

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