HardTop Vanillaccurate OSBES 64x-128x v1.8.1

As promised, here’s the 128x version of the Open-Source Bedrock Edition Shader (OSBES for short) Vanillaccurate pack at 128x. Those also support MC 1.17!

Vanillaccurate 1.8.x is still missing a couple 1.17 blocks which are actively being designed. You can expect a full (at least block-wise) 1.17 Vanillaccurate support in the coming couple of weeks or so.

There are some slight bugs remaining that will be fixed in the next version, as well as some (very few of them) missing blocks (those that are tile entities in Java, like beds or pistons). Water’s also a bit broken for now, we’ll have to wait until OSBES get official 128x support.

Here is the official OSBES GitHub where you can find all about that awesome project.


HardTop Vanillaccurate OSBES resource pack

ResolutionMain linkAlt link

OSBES ShaderPack with default resources

ResolutionMain link
Installation instructions

First install the OSBES shader (with default resources) by clicking/launching the mcpack file and launching it with Minecraft. When you see the “import successful” message exit the game.

Next do the same with the Vanillaccurate mcpack file.

Now go to the options, select global resources and activate OSBES and Vanillaccurate. Vanillaccurate should be on top.

Create a new world, and don’t use any custom resource pack for the world (it will use the default global ones)

If you already had OSBES installed and/or Vanillaccurate, you might want to remove them before reinstalling.

To do so, open the options panel and select “storage”. Delete both resourcepacks then reinstall them as stated before. Edit the world you want to use to set the newly installed packs.

In some cases I had to delete my worlds from the storage menu as well. It should not be required though, I will use new UUID’s for the next Vanillaccurate versions.

Please note you need the same OSBES pack resolution as the Vanillaccurate pack you’re using. This means that you should use the 64x OSBES with the 64x Vanillaccurate. I provided that shaderpack here because the only version publicly shared is the 16x, maybe the OSBES team will release all versions in the future. In the meantime I’ll try sharing the relevant versions alongside the Vanillaccurate texture packs.

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