Vanillaccurate OSBES 128x sneak peek

Vanillaccurate will be coming to OSBES and similar shaders at 128x resolution! I even tried using a 256x version but MCPE crashed, I guess my phone doesn’t have enough memory to support such a pack.

Anyhoo here are a couple of screenshots of the upcoming 128x version. Performance is slightly lower than 64x but I was expecting a bigger impact so it was a nice surprise. It’s a bit choppy on my Pixel 3a but still playable. I suspect high-end phones would have no issues at all running it with solid framerates.

4 thoughts on “Vanillaccurate OSBES 128x sneak peek

  1. My Device runs OSBES at 120FPS and drops to 60 or 70 after long gaming sessions. What do you think how much frames would I get with vanillaccurate 128x ?


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