Dev news : dripleaves

Those look kinda like large lilypads, which prompted me to redesign water lilies. I digress.

I can’t really show off those right now, I don’t even know if they’re available in the latest optifine-powered 1.17 snapshot.

I managed to pull together a quick render preview of the large dripleaf structure, so here it is.

I’ll show off more if/when possible.

2 thoughts on “Dev news : dripleaves

  1. When do you think these newly updated textures for the Caves update will be ready for bedrock? I’m so freaking excited for it. Your mcpack is by far the best I’ve seen and had the pleasure to use that still feels like minecraft. Also, possible bedrock add-ons for items and mobs when? 😉


    1. The update will release for java and bedrock around the same time. I’m almost completing the remaining textures so it should happen soon enough.
      As for items and mobs on bedrock I haven’t tried experimenting with that yet but why not, I’ll check that out at some point.


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