Dev news : glow lichen, cave plants WIP, tinted glass

Some more 1.17 blocks were done (or redesigned) today. Nothing earth-shattering but hey, progress is progress right 🙂

Here’s glow lichen. I used a very low LabPBR emissive value on this one, but it will still mostly be up to the shaders to interpret how emissive those are.

Also I tried showing off cave vines, but those are not in the current 1.17 version we have an Optifine patch for. I hacked my way around that but it’s not entirely representative. Note that as I used vines as a placeholder, the block gets biome-tinted where the original cave vines won’t be.
I also still have the “lit” variants to design here.

Tinted glass is pretty similar to stained glass here, except some very specific polygon-based pattern in the glass, much like frosted glass has. Some normals noise is present as well to give off a kinda rough glass looks to it. See how glow lichen reflects off the surface.

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