Dev news : more 1.17

Several blocks were added and some were fixed today.

First of all, here’s the fixed rooted dirt block that was lacking lots of details in yesterday’s screenshots. being neck-deep in it I don’t always take a step back and notice something’s amiss 😉

Next up is the dripstone block. I used a similar approach to the natural clay for this one, with dripping and layering as they should.

Also, the hanging roots are included as well, using the same kind of textures/assets the rooted dirt uses:

The raw iron block is ready as well, I went for a rough, somewhat rusty look with lots of bumps and dents.

Last one I can show you today is the budding amethyst. It’s pretty close to the original amethyst with a distinctive cross pattern on the faces

I designed lots of other blocks as well (all amethyst buds, amethyst cluster, glowing item frame, …) but those are harder to show-off without having a true 1.17 version (or it would take lots of time for not much to show for). Anyway you’ll see that soon enough I guess! Can’t wait for Optifine to be ready to go!

Stay tuned!

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