Dev news : more deepslate

I added the remaining deepslate stuff to Vanillaccurate, including all ores, tiled variants, chiseled, bricks…

I also added the moss block, all candles, and rooted dirt.

Deepslate ores

I added the remaining ores to the deepslate variant: emerald, lapis, copper.

Deepslate tiles and bricks

Deepslate also has tiles besides the cobbled variant. Those look like smaller bricks (a bit reminiscent to the nether bricks shape) in contrast to the larger stone bricks pattern -which also exists in deepslate flavor. Tiles have a cracked version like stone bricks and nether bricks, as well as polished blackstone bricks.

The brick variant is much closer to the regular stone bricks block. Those also have a cracked variant.

I also slightly tweaked cobbled deepslate

Polished Deepslate

There’s also a new polished variety of deepslate blocks. I added the regular and chiseled polished blocks. The chiseled one has a face on it, much like sandstone has a creeper face and red sandstone a wither shape, polished blackstone has a piglin snout, nether bricks have a wither skeleton skull.

Moss block

1.17 also got a new moss block (that would have felt right at home on the Biomes’o’Plenty mod that’s for sure!) that I Vanillaccurate-ized by using my own moss texture I already used for mossy cobblestone and mossy stone bricks.

It has a bit more depth and relief that regular grass has.

Rooted dirt

This one’s also a tricky one. I tried designing roots in the texture that would be somewhat similar to the original pattern, while keeping the original dirt correspondence. I’ll probably tweak this one a slightly bit more but it’s already good enough for our purposes.


Finally, candles. I only showcased the red ones with the 3-candle group but all candles are in the pack now.

There you go! More coming in the next days/weeks, as I’ll try and complete VA 1.17 as quickly as possible so I can release a Bedrock and MCPE version, as well as a Java version for when Optifine’s ready.

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