Dev news : various improvements

I improved the lapis block and ore to be a bit more like Realaccurate. It kinda looks much more detailed and closer to lapis lazuli

I also wanted to redo cobblestone a bit. I wasn’t super fond of the roundness I added to the boulders, so I decided to tone that down a bit. This applies to cobblestone and mossy cobblestone:

Same thing with blackstone and its non-polished variants (blackstone, top, gilded):

I also adjusted the current red sandstone blocks to add a tad more roundness here, because they looked way too angled/sharp. It’s not a major change, though. Just a smidge of smoothness on the edges. Notice the added AO that’s much more defined now:

Lastly I noticed the POM fix I applied to sand (and later removed) was still present in red sand. I thus reverted the fix because it’s usually totally not needed for such blocks:

Voyager 2.0

That’s all for today guys and gals! I will release an update for Vanillaccurate at some point (not soon-soon though) with fixes and improvements such as these ones, and also new 1.17 blocks so we’re ready for when Optifine and Mojang go release.

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