Vanillaccurate Items-Mobs add-on v0.8

New Items&Mobs add-on packages available!

Those mostly add improved swords to Vanillaccurate, screenshots of which I shared the last few days/weeks. I’ll post some again here:



for most recent shaders like Kappa, Continuum, BSL (except SEUS, Sildurs, Chocapic, LUMA)

ResolutionMain linkalt link
LabPBR 16xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 32xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 64xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 128xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 256xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 512xdownloadmirror

for shaders such as SEUS Renewed, SEUS PTGI and PTGI HRR, Sildurs Vibrant, Chocapic, …

ResolutionMain linkalt link
OldPBR 16xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 32xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 64xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 128xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 256xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 512xdownloadmirror

2 thoughts on “Vanillaccurate Items-Mobs add-on v0.8

  1. I’m gold tier now, but I can’t download Realaccurate items add-on v0.1
    I get 404 Error when I click the download link

    1. Oh shoot thanks for letting me know. I did clean up my folders a bit but I didnt think anything would break. I’ll check and fix asap and let you know
      Sorry for the inconvenience!

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