Vanillaccurate Items-Mobs add-on v0.8

New Items&Mobs add-on packages available!

Those mostly add improved swords to Vanillaccurate, screenshots of which I shared the last few days/weeks. I’ll post some again here:



for most recent shaders like Kappa, Continuum, BSL (except SEUS, Sildurs, Chocapic, LUMA)

ResolutionMain linkalt link
LabPBR 16xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 32xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 64xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 128xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 256xdownloadmirror
LabPBR 512xdownloadmirror

for shaders such as SEUS Renewed, SEUS PTGI and PTGI HRR, Sildurs Vibrant, Chocapic, …

ResolutionMain linkalt link
OldPBR 16xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 32xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 64xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 128xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 256xdownloadmirror
OldPBR 512xdownloadmirror

14 thoughts on “Vanillaccurate Items-Mobs add-on v0.8

  1. I’m gold tier now, but I can’t download Realaccurate items add-on v0.1
    I get 404 Error when I click the download link

    1. Oh shoot thanks for letting me know. I did clean up my folders a bit but I didnt think anything would break. I’ll check and fix asap and let you know
      Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Can I use different resolutions? For example, 256x vanillaccurate with 512x items-mobs-addon?
    Since we are on this, out of curiosity, I assume we cannot use different pbrs for the base and the addons right? Maybe it could workout since I saw something about a shader being compatible with both oldPBR and LabPBR, sorry I’m just rambling, it past my bedtime here in Brazil… By the way, I saw a print in your tutorial that look like a funnier french… I guess it is Belgium, Cheers to Belgiqué!

    1. Yes you absolutely can use 256x mixed with 512x (that’s sort of how the 512x lite pack works) but it might cause issues with some shaders.
      As for different PBR versions no, packs that can use lab and old cannot do it at the same time, it’s a “switch”.
      Yep Belgium here! Bom dia Brazil!

  3. the x64 pack specifically creates strange glowing artifacts on some of the creepers cells that glow super bright with my ‘complementaries’ shader and fresh animations resource pack. x128 pack works flawlessly.

    1. That’s weird, both 64x and 128x are generated the same way. Can you share a screenshot (using imgur for instance) showing the issue? Also can you tell me which Minecraft version you’re using, which Optifine version, and whether you’re using mods or not?

    1. What’s the issue? It’s not complete so you won’t see all mobs or items. There are currently a couple of items and mobs in the pack: creeper, slime, magma, as well as all swords and armors.
      Vanillaccurate development will carry on with the new “XXL” variant that might bring more stuff later on.

      1. Thank u for your fast answer. My issue is to don’t see the textures of the Items. The add on loading and i can join a World but i have still the Vanilla Items without your nice textures. before a year i had already this Add on and it worked so i know how it look like normaly. so i am confused

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