Dev news : tuff

I wanted to include one more 1.17 block for the upcoming release. I noticed this one was quite prevalent when going very deep inside deepslate territory.

Tuff is a highly porous volcanic rock, I tried to have it feature a rough, dappled pattern reminiscent of the pores in such rocks.

In Minecraft It is usually found at depths below 0; among deepslate blocks.

Substance designer raytraced render
Complementary v4.0 dev 2

I also altered the design of the smooth basalt block I made not long ago. It was a bit too rough and featured too many medium frequency details, much like polished basalt. The difference being the smooth variant is not as flat and smooth as the polished one.

Continuum 2.1 alpha build 12
Kappa v4.1 E1

I also added some small fixed based on feedback on the ShaderLabs Discord. I heard that a lot of you thought the new sea lantern design wasn’t that suited to Vanillaccurate so I’ll probably start a poll or ask for suggestions for what the sea lantern design should be.

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