In-game 1.17 blocks showoff

You may have heard sp614x (the author of the Optifine mod) released a preview version for 1.17 snapshots, allowing users and devs to test shaderpacks with 1.17 features in-game.

It’s still heavily experimental and shaders themselves must be adjusted to support some of the new 1.17 features. Also, the version Optilad (sp614x’s nickname among discord users) based the preview Optifine on is a tad older. He chose the last one supporting the current shader organization before Mojang switched to OpenGL core profile. Latest version support will come later.

Anyways, I tried some shaders with this new preview to see how my current 1.17 blocks were behaving in their natural habitat.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can get the latest v1.7.0 Vanillaccurate here on the blog (it’s a bit outdated now) or check out the latest v1.8.0 BETA on the ShadersLabs Discord server, in my #hardtops-resourcepacks channel (latest beta has more up-to-date blocks, the full v1.8.0 version will release very soon).

The latest Optifine preview is available on Optifine’s Discord server. You can find the link on Optifine’s official website at the bottom of the page.

First, here’s the revamped amethyst and calcite blocks. Not a huge overhaul but slightly larger features and lower frequency details will allow for a better downscaling process.

I also designed the deepslate blocks with their variants. Not all ores have been done yet but most of them are ready. Last two deepslate screenshots below are of the cobbled variety.

The new copper ore and blocks are also done, you may already have seen the copper blocks in a previous post I made. I tested them directly in-game now and made some captures.

lastly I added the smooth basalt variant because I noticed that block was quite prominent when going deep enough in the overworld

You see I tried lots of shaders, some of them work already well enough with latest 1.17 previews. Most issues I encountered where when I tried going below Y=0, which is totally new and unsupported by shaders which usually consider that region as the void.

Check out my ShaderLabs channel for a v1.8.0 preview and don’t hesitate to report any issues you might encounter, I want the next release to have as few issues as possible.

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