Dev news : swords!

I completed the swords for the items/mobs extension package (or add-on if you will).

I tried showing them off in as many situations as possible so I’ll explain what I did for each one of them.

Wooden sword

for all my swords I used a certain amount of modeling on the pommel and quillon finials (rounded, spherical-like), hilt (rounded like a cylinder) and crossguard (pinched). For the wooden sword I used a polished-like wood (much like cherry wood) and a kind of angled “blade” (although wooden swords are usually blunt instead of piercing).
Below you can also see a night shot with Molly, using a sea lantern as the sole light source besides moonlight.

Stone sword

nothing special for this one, it’s flatter than the other swords. I included a night shot using KappaPT P7a.

Iron sword

This one was the first I re-designed. It serves as a baseline for all other swords. You can see I used some scratches and a dull sheen on the blade (yeah it’s somewhat of an oxymoron, bear with me). LabPBR-wise the blade uses hardcoded iron, whereas pommel, finials and crossguard use albedo-metal, this means that the results can vary a tiny bit from one shaderpack to the other as far as the blade is involved. Nothing major at all though.
I also used some scruffing and grime/rust on pommel and crossguard.

Golden sword

Largely based on the iron one, it’s still different in that it has much less rust and oxydization damage. It’s showing scratches though. I also used LabPBR hardcoded metals here, namely gold gold for the blade, and albedo-metal for the other metallic parts.
I also made the golden sword much smoother than the iron one. I included a hand-held screenshot to show how the normalmap behaves around the crossguard from another angle.

Diamond sword

This one is a tad trickier, as those materials usually have a very uniform albedo, and should be treated as translucent. I decided to implement some kind of crystal-like features all over the sword parts. The pommel is also a bit different, featuring a single, rhombus-shaped object.
I added a night shot with KappaPT, SEUS PTGI, and MollyVX using a point light as source, to show reflections from another angle. Also included are a handheld screenshot with PTGI and a small animated sequence.


Netherite sword

The latest item I’ll showcase is the latest one to have appeared in the game as well, the netherite sword.

I don’t know if those should be considered one-handed swords, daggers, tanto’s, two-handed flamberges, large claymores, cutlasses, rapiers, or any other blade RPG’s taught me about in my last 35 years of playing those kinds of games, but I decided to go with a rough, dirty aspect for this one.
I cranked grime and rust to eleven (not you, angry girl from Strangers Things, nor you Matt Smith), and increased roughness (or lowered smoothness, as LabPBR uses inverted roughness we call smoothness instead of glossiness to avoid confusion between LabPBR -which is essentially a roughness-metallic specular variant- from a true specular format).

There you go. I’ll release that pack along with the upcoming Vanillaccurate v1.8.0 update, which should come very soon.

I hope you’ll enjoy them! Take care, stay tuned.

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