Dev news : some last fixes before release

I had some issues to fix with some of the current blocks, and somehow decided to redesign some of them -at least in part.

I changed the ores patterns to use the new 1.17 ones, and got a more consistent texture overall with better depth details.

Here are some day shots with various shaders. Notice the golden sheen to redstone ore with some shaders that support tinted metals like Continuum 2.1, BSL, or Kappa.

Also here are some night shots of the same ores. I used some indirect or block light with SSPT or full worldspace PT shaders here as well.

You can clearly see redstone can behave differently from shader to shader, as well as iron and gold. This has to do with HCM or hardcoded metals that can use a specific color for specular reflections while either keeping their regular albedo (even though metals shouldn’t have such, but for gameplay’s sake and to overcome some issues some shader devs decided to use some albedo as a fallback value on metals) or even overriding the albedo entirely with the hardcoded metal’s intended color.

Next blocks that were improved are the polished variants (blackstone, andesite/diorite/granite, also smooth stone and its slab variant)

I also slightly redesigned the basalt top texture to add some depth


Moreover, I also somewhat improved the ancient debris side texture to use a more vanilla/pixelated heightmap.

You can see Vanillaccurate received great care and attention lately, I want the next release to look as good and reliable as possible. I will release fixes if major issues arise though, but that aside I’ll probably switch to Realaccurate (and ToonAccurate) until 1.17 hits. I might add some more Biomes’o’Plenty blocks before that, still; as well as items. We’ll see.

In the meantime, enjoy those screenshots and hang tight for the upcoming release!

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