Dev news : improved crimson stuff

There are a couple of specific blocks I wanted to redo or at least improve. I’m talking about crimson and warped doors.

I decided to change the overall crimson planks style and used another wood texture for it. I gave it a bit more gloss too.

The warped planks block was also improved, I added some variation on the tendrils edges, improved/re-added emissives and added a bit more gloss.


So as I mentioned I also did a major overhaul on the crimson POM and normals details. Albedo remained pretty much the same but the extra details I added in the normals and heightmap as well as the ambient occlusion map really improves the overall rendering of the block. I might tinker with those a bit further to find an acceptable way of minimizing the POM seams on the dual-height blocks but it already looks pretty much how I want it to.

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