Dev news : latest nether plants

Release is getting nearer by the day! Today I adjusted and improved some nether plant textures such as crimson roots, weeping vines, twisting vines, warped roots, and nether sprouts.

For some reason, the various “red” blocks don’t all use the same “group” name, same with the “green/turquoise/cyan”…

For the “red” blocks (we will call crimson) the various names are: crimson, weeping, nether (warts, wart block)

the corresponding “cyan” blocks (we’ll call warped) are: warped, twisting, nether sprouts, and warped again for wart blocks.

Here’s a small chart:

Block typeRed AKA CrimsonCyan AKA Warped
CropsNether wartsNether sprouts
Small plants: rootsCrimsonWarped
Wart blocksNether wartWarped wart
Nether mycelium (= Nylium)CrimsonWarped

You see why it all can be a tad confusing.

Anyways, here are some of those blocks remodelled using the latest Vanillaccurate design guidelines. Shader used is Kappa v4.0 / v4.1 experimental.

Weeping vines plants and “endings”
twisting vines plants top parts
Nether sprouts
Warped roots

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