Dev news : better grass/fern + misc

I improved some blocks further here and there.

There were slight issues with albedo on the edges of tall grass, and the small grass patch was a bit too bright. I adjusted those and they now look better and blend somewhat better with the environment.

I also decided to give the fern blocks a makeover because I wasn’t satisfied at all with the details that were kind of overpowering over the vanilla features, while not looking fern-like enough to me.

I created fern leaves and used them instead of the single-leaf features I used before. The plants now look much more close to what they should.

I also slightly reworked the shroomlight block, changing the heightmap/normals to use more “square” or angled features as before -I thought the current version wasn’t looking vanilla enough, at least with regards to the depth/relief features- and I also increased the high-frequency detail on the albedo texture.

Some more stuff coming as well, like improved warped plants-

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