New support page besides Patreon

Hey, I wanted to let you all know that I’ve been pondering using for a while as an alternative to Patreon (while keeping the Patreon of course) but never got to it. Now they have levels/tiers as well and the service feels overall pretty solid, so I started a page there!

You’ll find the same stuff as on the patreon with the same tiers (stone, iron, gold, diamond) with the various related downloads.

This support page will thus let you have the same perks as Patreon (Realaccurate, ToonAccurate, RTX versions, software apps) and will also let you do one-time donations if you want to.

I decided using Euro as currency there, in contrast to the USD Patreon. I’d recommend using mostly to my European supporters in that regard (no currency conversions and possible fees).

Check it out here !

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