Dev news : almost there

There aren’t many blocks left. Here are a couple more for today, those weren’t that straightforward to design, to be honest.

I added vines where I used some leaf-life pattern to make it look like an ivy of sorts. I also added some branches/twigs to make it look more detailed.

You can see in the following screenshots there is a lot of small scale detail, I also made sure the leaves were overlapping correctly and added the twigs in the interstices.

The next block for today is the wheat seed/plant. It’s a multi-stage block as you know, so the challenge is to keep all textures consistent across the animation.

The screenshot on the left is Continuum 2.1 alpha build 12, the slideshow below uses Kappa v4.0 T2a.

Nostalgia v3.0
Wheat growth, SEUS PTGI HRR 2.1

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