Dev news : guess what? more plants.

Some more plant-related stuff, no surprise here. I’ll enumerate the various blocks I designed the last couple of days.


I re-designed most of the normals and heightmaps for the various stages of potato growth. Here are some screenshots with various shaders, showcasing potatoes and farmland.

Sea pickles
Red Mushrooms
Rose bushes

Quite a lot of new, reworked stuff. I might revisit some of the existing double-height plants I showcased the last couple of weeks to adjust the stems, but nothing too ground-breaking.

You can see most shaders get on quite well with the normals, POM, and sub-surface scattering on such plant-related blocks. Sub-surface scattering is usually hardcoded on those though, but just in case Vanillaccurate has SSS values on the LabPBR variant anyways. It’s mostly useful for blocks that aren’t usually hardcoded as such (like diamond or obsidian), some shaders already offer to choose between hardcoded SSS, LabPBR texture-defined, or both (much like some already offer the same for emissives).

Anyways, a bit more to do then I can share a whole new version to you guys and gals. Stay tuned, stay safe!

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