Dev news : flower galore

Yet more flowers and various plants to show you today.

Adjusting heightmaps on such blocks is always a tricky process and I notice few texture packs even bother with that. I’m trying to get the best results with the least amount of visible seams but as I’m sticking to vanilla, I’d like to keep the default models. Some of my other resource packs might have custom models to improve the overall aspect of such blocks but I’d like Vanillaccurate to use the default ones, so I have to carefully adjust the heightmaps to accomodate those default models as much as possible.

The blocks I designed today are: lily of the valley, oxeye daisy, all tulip variants, and lily pad.

Here are some screenshots of the lily of the valley :
Next, here are all tulip colors…
…and oxeye daisies.
Now let’s have a look at what the lily pads look like with various shaders.

As you can see, the heightmaps are adjusted with the least amount of visual artifacts and visible seams so far. As soon as I’m done with the remaining plants I’ll release a new Vanillaccurate version.

I’d also like to design some CTM random blocks for Vanillaccurate to bring more variety to the most abundant blocks, this will be of course included in the CTM add-ons NOT the base packages. The CTM add-on will be distinct from the CTM glass ones, because I know most people would like to have connected glass without wanting to have other random blocks as well. Moreover CTM will use even more memory and the current 512x pack is already heavy enough as it is… I’ll have to run some tests of course.

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