HardTop Vanillaccurate CTM glass v0.5

Here’s a new CTM glass pack for Vanillaccurate 16x to 512x. Use any of these packs on top of a corresponding Vanillaccurate full pack.

[cjtoolbox name=’ref_p’]

This new CTM glass uses the style I teased lately. If you remember I showed you three different styles (default, smooth, rough) where rough was close to the current glass appearance (with some tweaks), smooth being almost fully smooth except for slightly raised edges, and default being smooth with bumps on the vanilla “squares”.

This pack uses the default style. The other two will come at a later point.


With 1.16 I had trouble loading the 512x Vanillaccurate pack with a 512x CTM glass add-on on top of it, even though I have 32GB RAM.

With 1.14 I managed to run it much more easily but it was kinda slow.

My advice would be to use a lower-res CTM pack if the higher-res one crashes. This should mostly work without issues (except possiblty in reflections with PTGI).

Check this article to get more hints on how to load high-res packs with 1.16. 


These pack are cross-compatible between LabPBR and OldPBR versions, so you can use this add-on on top of any PBR format Vanillaccurate.

ResolutionMain linkalt link

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14 thoughts on “HardTop Vanillaccurate CTM glass v0.5

  1. Hi,

    Does this work with MC 1.17 Fabric with CTM for Fabric installed? The base Vanillacurate resourcepack works and I’ve installed the Fabric CTM .jar and placed the CTM Vanillacurate addon but glass isn’t connecting. Thanks.


      1. Ah right. Then I don’t really know. As i said it works out of the box with optifine. I’m not sure iris supports external data such as this pack though. Maybe it requires a specific format, but my CTM pack was made for optifine in the first place. If iris required changes/tweaks to the CTM packs for them to work, then it’s iris’s fault for breaking compatibility I’d say. I’ll check that out sometime though just in case it’s something trivial to fix.


    1. Absolutely no idea. It’s supposed to be working out of the box with optifine and connected textures enabled in video options.
      There is no need for any mod, fabric or otherwise.


      1. Sure, thanks for the info mate. Guess i’ll just continue to use the base texture pack cos it is by far the best looking one when paired with shaders and hope Iris eventually gets updated to work with CTM. Cheers!


      2. Sick, thanks for looking into it. Guess I’ll just have to wait for all those talented folks to do their magic!

        Cheers fella.


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