Dev news : 1.17 cont’d

I wanted to take a small break from plants and design some 1.17 blocks instead.

You may have seen some previews if you’re member of the ShaderLabs discord, but I altered some details further.

Here are details on the latest deepslate blocks I did the last couple of days. First image is the deepslate texture. Second one is the top texture for deepslate blocks. Third texture is the coal ore embedded in deepslate rock.

I made a composite block with all three textures, here’s what it looks like:

I also made some in-game screenshots with various shaders and in-game renderers. Here are the in-game shaders first:

Next are “offline” renderers, Octray and Chronos:

I spent a fair bit of time adjusting the graphs to generate ores, the remaining ore-related deepslate blocks should be designed much quicker now.

Stay tuned!

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