Dev news : more plants + composter

More plants, because I want all stencil transparency plant blocks to be done before releasing a new version.

I adjusted/completed fern and added grass. To cleanly throw away all those plants when they start withering I also improved the composter textures.

Here are some fern screenshots

Nostalgia v3.0

Here is the revamped grass plant texture

Nostalgia v3.0

Then here’s the improved composter. I mostly redesigned POM and normals on the compost material itself as well as the “ready” texture.

More blocks are planned for the next days. As I mentioned yesterday the glass blocks will be revamped and different styles will be released as separate add-on packs.

Here are two screenshots with Kappa v4.0 E3 and the default glass style that will be provided with the Vanillaccurate packs. The add-ons will have a fully smooth glass (without the small square bumps) and a rough one (with the bumps and scuffed surface, close to what’s currently available with VA).

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