Dev news : new glass + improved emissives

After some consideration, I decided to change glass features. I’ll release two additional extensions with either fully smooth glass or rough/imperfect glass (similar to how glass looked in VA up to now but adjusted).

I know some of you would prefer smooth glass while others enjoy the perturbation on normals that gives off more detailed reflection/refraction.

Here are some renders I did with Substance Designer :

Here are some .GIF’s with in-game shaders illustrating those changes:

Continuum 2.1 alpha build 12
MollyVX Rewrite

Besides glass, I also worked on some emissive Nether-related blocks, namely Crimson stems, Warped stems, Crimson fungi and Warped fungi. I also added some POM depth to fungi the same way I did with flowers and leaves the past few days.

BSLex AKA Astralex v13

The new glass add-ons will release alongside the next Vanillaccurate release (possibly a bit sooner or a bit later, depending on how the various changes come along). I still need to adjust POM on the remaining flowers and plants, and check the remaining bugs/improvement requests that were submitted by users.

My mid-term goal with VA is also to improve AO and baked-in details, texture AO being a bit uneven at the moment. I might keep some very high-frequency details baked-in but most of the lower frequency patterns should be moved to texture AO exclusively (currently I’m keeping a bit of vanilla AO baked in and I add more detailed AO in the LabPBR channel). I will need to release some additional packs for shaders that don’t support texture-based AO where I’ll have to bake it in albedo/colormaps.

As always, take care and stay tuned!

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