Dev news : plant better POM, some more

Here are two more blocks I did today, I think I found the ideal balance between depth/volume and visual stability. POM being pretty prone to quirks and artifacts at the edges, it’s not always straightforward to design heightmaps for Minecraft blocks.

You can quickly end up having mirrored images at grazing angles, or distorted artifacts. For this reason designing heightmaps for Minecraft blocks is not as easy as it sounds – when you want to do it well anyways 😉

You can see here I carefully crafted the edges for blue orchid and brown mushroom, giving some volume/depth but without the usual issues at grazing angles. Those use the default models still of course. I added some curvature on flowers or mushroom cap, using heightmap and normals for the roundness effect.

I used Kappa v4.0 E3 for these images.

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