Dev news : new glass normals + plants heightmaps

I started adding heightmaps to plant blocks such as flowers, sugar cane, saplings… I don’t recall every shaders that I used but some of those are Kappa v4.0 :

I also wanted to improve the glass normals, but I noticed it was very hard to get acceptable results with smooth or very faint normals values. This is because of the poor resolution of 8bit-per-channel images, when switching to 16bit in my designer program the results instantly look infinitely better (of course, having 65536 different levels instead of 256 makes a huge difference). The challenge is to keep a smooth/subtle enough normalmap without having posterization artifacts due to the low bitdepth.

I decided I should add some vanilla details that were absent from previous iterations, and used softer (as much as I could without it looking muddy) scratch details on stained glass blocks.

Here are some screenshots:

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