Download links overhaul & more news

As it was intended to be some kind of continuous process, I’ve been working quite a bit on the overall structure of my pages/blog/services/patreon. I decided to change (mostly under the hood) how downloads would work, and it should mostly be to your benefit!

I removed most of the mirrors to leave only two links per pack. Both are ad-supported but they should be pretty different and in case one doesn’t work well enough, the other one will most certainly have no issues so I encourage you to choose the alternate link if the main one isn’t working.

I know some of you reported the ad-links being a bit intrusive, I wanted to address that issue to improve the overall downloading experience; even with ads. I heard you and introduced a new type of ad-link that’s entirely managed “in-house”. It was designed to be much less invasive.

I’m confident these new changes will improve your downloading comfort while keeping the links somewhat profitable. In the long run I’d rather have much less profitable links if that leads to a better experience anyways.

Now this is out of the way, I have a bit more work to release the new converter (command-line) that is intended as a replacement for the current converter script. It is tremendously faster and will pack much more features. The full application is currently a diamond patron perk only, but there will be a “light” version that will be accessible to lower tiers. Anyways it’s pretty exciting because it also offers automatic normal/heightmap/PBR possibilities and can generate full HD packs with details in a matter of minutes 😉

Stay tuned!

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