Vanillaccurate BoP add-on v0.2.0

Here is an early release for the Vanillaccurate Biomes’o’Plenty add-on!

Below you’ll find the changelog and direct downloads.

Note: this is an add-on, you have to use a regular corresponding Vanillaccurate (same PBR type and resolution) and add this add-on on top of it.


Blocks added:
ash block
cherry log
cherry log top
cherry planks
chiseled white sandstone
cut white sandstone
dead log
dead log top
dead planks
dried sand
mahogany door bottom
mahogany door top
mahogany log
mahogany log top
mahogany planks
mahogany trapdoor
redwood log
redwood log top
redwood planks
stripped cherry log
stripped cherry log top
stripped mahogany log
stripped mahogany log top
stripped redwood log
stripped redwood log top
white sand
white sandstone
white sandstone bottom
white sandstone top

Note: Shaders use either LabPBR or OldPBR. Find out which one you need here.
Also, if you have trouble loading large resourcepacks with versions 1.15/1.16 check out this guide.



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